The Differences between Traditional Family and Chanyuan Family

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The Differences between Traditional Family and Chanyuan Family

Xue Feng

Someone may say, "Chanyuan always proclaims to break from the family, yet it is building a new family by itself --Chanyuan".

This is a misunderstanding to Lifechanyuan, a symbol of not knowing the essence of Lifechanyuan at all.

Rice wine, red wine and Maotai all are wine but different in nature. Apricot tree, peach tree and willow all are trees but different in nature. Ant, elephant and people are life but different in nature. Ignorant people, sage and celestial all are human being but different in nature The Democratic Party, Republican Party and Communist Party all are political parties but different in nature, . Buddhism, Christian and Islam all are religions but different in nature.

Traditional family and Chanyuan family are families but different in nature.

The differences between traditional family and Chanyuan family:

Traditional family

Center on kindreds and parents

Affinity-disaffinity classify by blood relationship

Limited number of people

Have parents, children and marriage

Can't make the planet into one family

Results of private ownership

Inevitably result in private ownership

Result in a series of competition and suffering

Family member can't enjoy freedom

Chanyuan family

Center on the Greatest Creator

Affinity-disaffinity classify by the resonant frequency with the Greatest Creator's Tao

Unlimited number of people

No parents, children and marriage

Can make the planet into one family

Results of non-ownership

Inevitable result in non-ownership

Eliminate the competition and lessen the suffering to the maximum

Family member can enjoy the maximum freedom

It can be seen from the chart that there are a world of differences between traditional family and Chanyuan family, not the same at all.

Life must belong to something, otherwise it can not exist. Life body must have a home, otherwise it is called ghost.

There are all kinds of home modes in the universe; some people regard traditional family as their home; some people regard workplace as their home; some people regard religious group as their home; some people regard their country as home; some people regard the universe as their home; and the Lifechanyuan regard the Greatest Creator's Tao as their home.

Apparently, there seems no difference between the traditional family and Chanyuan family; both of them are family modes; but they vary in contents and forms. That is to say they are similar in form, vary in contents. Going to America from North Korea, getting into Islam from Buddhism, taking part in the Communist Party from the Republican Party, getting into the Thousand-year World from the Mortal World; although all of them are abandoning one and adapting another, their nature and contents are totally different.

Leaving the traditional family and getting into the Chanyuan family, which seems to be going to a family from another, but the contents of life are totally different. Chanyuan family can do. and even can do a lots of things that the traditional family is not able to do.

Getting into Lifechanyuan family from the traditional family is like getting into the thousand-year world from the Mortal World; everything is different.

Frogs whether live in wells, ponds, rivers, lakes and seas, they all live in water; but the value and the significance of their life are totally different.

We can feel the differences between living in the single-story building of 10 square meters, storied houses of 100 square meters and villa of 1000 square meters. Living in traditional family is like living in a single-story building of 10 square meters; living in Lifechanyuan family is like living in the villa of 1000 square meters. It is not the same as you walk out a single-story building of 10 square meters to another.

It is difficult for one to imagine what Lifechanyuan family is if he has never been there. How can you make judgments on Lifechanyuan family if you have never been there and experienced its life style? And if you insist in making comments, it will be like the tale of the blind men describing an elephant. To a person who has never eaten cactus, no matter how you describe its taste and the way to eat it, it is useless, unless you are the cactus or the Greatest Creator.

There aren't walls in Lifechanyuan family. To those who said there are walls in family, the walls are built by themselves and are the projections of their own thinking and consciousness.

To people have fully achieved Tao, it makes no difference where he lives or with whom he lives. But to people who is cultivating Tao and holding Tao, the collective self-refinement is very important. I have explained this theory thoroughly in Life Is A Journey. It is very easy to understand that, only the combination of an oxygen atom and two hydrogen atoms can constitute a water molecule; only the unite of an adult female and an adult male can make reproduction.
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