No church or temple in Lifechanyuan

ivysunday (Sunday)
No church or temple in Lifechanyuan

Xue Feng

Heaven and earth are the church or temple of Lifechanyuan; everything in nature is the reincarnation and Dharmakaya of the Greatest Creator; so Lifechanyuan do not arrange church or temple, nor sculpture any forms of worshiping images. Certainly, we will not kowtow or worship the different images sculptured by people.

Lifechanyuan only arranges the scripture hall or the learning hall, which looks like the classroom in universities. The halls are not arranged for something like ceremony, but for discussing the scripture and government policy, exchanging opinions and experience to gain wisdom.

Our reverence and worship to the Greatest Creator are not represented in the form or on the mouth, but come from the inside.

Loving life, nature, self and others is equal to love the Greatest Creator.

The Greatest Creator is free from eating, so we do not sacrifice any food to the Greatest Creator.

April 22, 2007
7-20 -04:00
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