New Year's Thinking Proposed by Lifechanyuan

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New Year's Thinking Proposed by Lifechanyuan

Xue Feng

Firstly, sincerely grieve over those more than ten million creatures that died in the earthquakes and tsunami in India Ocean, and wish their soul get into the family of Heaven. Wish their living relatives and friends cast off the sadness as soon as possible and rebuild their home in tears.

We have got a taste of the power of the tsunami in India Ocean; in facing of the anger of the nature, human beings are tiny and helpless. We should understand that everything is in order and has procedure in nature (including the whole universe); no matter what information we input to the nature, we will get corresponding feedback from nature. There isn't occasional phenomenon in the universe; there must be relevant factors that play a part in the phenomenon. There aren't unprovoked natural phenomena; inevitable factors must lead to inevitable results, which is a procedure and an objective law that can't be transferred by people's will.

To the earthquake which resulted in tsunami, we announced it in advance a few months ago. We put quotation marks on "earthquake" in case of leading panic and misunderstanding in case of being regarded as deliberately casting a mist and making a mass. Now, the problem is that, if we continue to persist our old ways, maybe we will encounter one or two more tremendous disasters.

So, we must wake up to the danger at last moment, and couldn't over the critical point.

Humankind is the creature of the Greatest Creator's consciousness; the existence of the humankind has close relationship with the lives in universe and interacts as cause and effect. Once the existence of the humankind breaks the harmony, order and symmetry of the nature, humankind will confront with great calamity.

Humankind has no way but one, that is to revere to the Greatest Creator, life and nature. If humankind ignores the Greatest Creator, ignores the life and the nature, there will not be a good prospect for humankind.

In order to mend the fold after the sheep have been stolen, bring the dying back to life, take a turn to be out of danger and be glorious and bright, Lifechanyuan proposes some suggestions for humankind to think in a new year.

1. Stop studying and developing biological gene; stop cloning any kind of lives.

2. Stop launching artificial satellites to outer space.

3. Stop all nuclear tests; and constantly cut down military spending.

4. Reduce religious activities throughout the world; draw close to Lifechanyuan gradually.

5. Political parties and organizations in the world must give up their standpoints and viewpoints and transfer to Lifechanyuan step by step.

6. American withdraws troops from Iraq as early as possible; al-Qaeda ceases its oppositional activity.

7. The Middle East country should be reconciliated through multi-channel and stop internal strife.

8. Strengthen and expand UN's functions to coordinate global affair; bring global affair into the overall arrangement of UN; wish UN will take reverence to the Greatest Creator, life and nature as its mission.

9. All countries should learn from China to perform birth control policy.

10. North Korean and South Korean should realize unification as early as possible, and stop meaningless fighting.

11. Taiwan should return to mainland as early as possible; its own wishful thinking will result in the disappearance of the island.

12. Scientists with keen telegnosis should break through the constraints of the material thinking, focus their energy to explore nonmaterial and negative universe, make clear the true meaning of time and space, and support scientific knowledge to guide human beings' thinking and action.

13. Scientists of life should concentrate their energy to explore the mystery of life, especially to solve the essence of the soul and to provide human beings real knowledge about life.

14. Set up courses on Jesus, Sakyamuni, Mohammed and LaoTzu in middle school and university in the world.

15. All kinds of media in the world should report and publicize more about the truth the goodness and the beauty, report and publicize less about the false, the evil and the ugly phenomena, strive to lead people into active thinking and to eliminate passive thinking.

16. Stop catching and killing wild animals that including fishes in river and sea; stop cutting down forest; close up factories and mines that pollute the air, river and soil severely; don't break ground and build in a year; keep moderate increase of the economy; don't develop in hurry.

17. Set the year of 2005 as "the year of eliminating hatred". In order to offer a beautiful future to humankind, every person, organization, nation and country must eliminate the hatred and abandon revenge temporarily, no matter how profound their hatred is.

18. Invite America, Japan, China, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and other countries to fund Lifechanyuan; make Chanyuan-celestials transform Gobi and desert in the universe into an oasis, expand human being's living space. Lifechanyuan has special project and method to remold the Gobi and the desert.

"You reap what you sow"; (Gold) the Greatest Creator helps those who help themselves.

To live or to die is in a thought; "the sea of bitterness has no bounds, repent and the shore is at hand".

Think deeply, there is a way out; wake up to and avoid danger at the last moment and bring the dying to life.

Do as you wishes, the relationship between cause and effect is as shadow always following body.


January 1st; 2005
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