Lifechanyuan Is the Wonderland for Resonant Souls

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Lifechanyuan Is the Wonderland for Resonant Souls

Xue Feng

Basing on the will of the Greatest Creator, the guide of Jesus Christ, the teaching of Buddha Sakyamuni, the celestial being LaoTzu, the prophet Mohammed, sages at all times and in all lands and the life mode of the thousand-year world in Heaven, Lifechanyuan is built for harvesting "ripen crops", leaving seeds to human species on Earth for developing Lifechanyuan era. Chanyuan Celestial mainly refers to people who are celestial beings having lived in Heaven in preexistence and previous preexistence but can't find their way to home temporarily, refers to those who are successful in self-refinement and self-improvement about Buddha dharma and doctrines of Christ and Tao, refers to those who are humble and relative perfect and dreaming for the life of Heaven. Chanyuan celestial is born instead of being educated and cultivated in short time; what Xue Feng does is to look for Chanyuan Celestial rather than to cultivate Chanyuan Celestial.

So, Lifechanyuan is the wonderland for resonant souls, is a family full of harmony, auspicious and happiness, is a land of idyllic beauty for people persisting Lifechanyuan values to enjoy happiness, is a college to sublimate life quality and to self-refine supernatural power, and is also a transfer station to get rid of worldly fetter and to get into the thousand-year world, the ten-thousand-year world, the Elysium world and the Celestial Islands Continent.

Lifechanyuan is never a place to argue truth and to fight, never a ballroom or a platform to play the peacock, never a market to sell personal thought and never an arena to present personal magic arts; it is not "Shanghai Beach" where people can grab power, money, fame and beauty; it is not a classroom to present its own knowledge and ability and to educate other Chanyuan Celestials and guests; it is not such a place to draw some people in and to push others out; and it is never a place to organize its own strength and power.

There isn't other thought but Chanyuan values in Lifechanyuan. Unless you think that your thoughts overpass Jesus, Sakyamuni, LaoTzu, Mohammed, Xue Feng and Heaven-Earth Celestial, otherwise your thoughts are not worth to absorb, and you can't publicize your thoughts in Lifechanyuan.

There isn't room for discussing and debating but holding Chanyuan values. If you don't agree with Chanyuan values, please go and look another good place to show your ability; if you think that we deprive of your discourse power, it is not because we are too autocratic but you swim against the tide; to promote rat poison in a grocery store is not the false of the grocery but the promoter who choose wrong place.

You can speak everything about praising, encouragement, reciprocal affection, truth, goodness, beauty, love, honesty and trust freely; you can move freely and quickly on thoughts of Chanyuan values; you can speak your understanding of human life, life and time-space; and you can speak out your puzzle and doubt freely; however, please don't play your petty tricks, otherwise you will swing the axe onto your own foot.

No matter how many Chanyuan Celestials there are, they are the same and can be called one person. Take a look at the Celestials in early stage in Lifechanyuan-Foshan Celestial, Taiji Celestial, Heaven-Earth Celestial, Deiform celestial, Penglai Celestial, Tianshan Celestial, Wannian Celestial, Canghai Celestial and Jiaoer Celestial, they like one person; we can't distinguish them from each other. They don't hold a meeting to discussion, don't exchange ideas privately, don't design "pact to shield each other" and don't restrain each other; they act as they pleases, but what they do, think, wish, act and present is like one person. Over the years, there are many people to stir up trouble to disintegrate them, but the result is that the destroyers swing the axe onto their own feet. Fortunately, this good situation is fermented and extended uninterruptedly; like their predecessor, the following Chanyuan Celestials are also like one person, they are Lingyuan Celestial, Tianhe Celestial, Tongtian Celestial, Yiyun Celestial, Mizong Celestial, Wanmin Celestial, Jingying Celestial, Xianzhe Celestial, Huiying Celestial, Huixin Celestial, Lingfeng Celestial, Shenfo Celestial, Fahai Celestial, Lingxiao Celestial, Huahui Celestial, Songbai Celestial, Conglong Celestial, Shengming Celestial, Fangsheng Celestial, Longgong Celestial, Tongxin Celestial, Ailian Celestial, Wanjiang Celestial, Dongfang Celestial, Tianji Celestial, Lianxin Celestial, Tiankong Celestial, Tongyuan Celestial, Wushang Celestial, Zhengjue Celestial, Shoufo Celestial, Tianshi Celestial and Puji Celestial, just Like the formula of 1+1+1+1+1+1….=1. These people can share the happiness and hardship together, can hold together in live and death and can be as dear to each other as members of one family. Isn't it the factor of the Great Harmony world? Isn't it the aspiration that human beings wish for? Isn't it the results of following the instructions of Jesus, Buddha, LaoTzu and Mohammedan? Isn't it the miniature of the thousand-year world and the ten-thousand-year world of the Heaven? Isn't it human beings' most wonderful expectation? And is there conflict and dispute among them? Is there jealousness? It seems not.

Someone says Lifechanyuan is at an end. The fact is that it is not Lifechanyuan at an end but you. Somebody says "Chanyuan Celestials are cheated by Xue Feng", in fact you are cheated by your petty tricks and your nearsightedness; Chanyuan Celestial is hundred even thousand times cleaver than you. Today it is the time of internet on which there is abundant information, who has the ability to cheat people in public? If you don't trust, you can have a try. Some people do their best to "wake up" Xue Feng and Chanyuan Celestials; in fact the dizzy one is not Chanyuan Celestial but yourself; you are a blind person with illusionary thinking and wooly headed and in a deep slumber, how can you "wake up" others? Even if you could "wake up" someone, where would you take the "awakener" to go?

The authentic Chanyuan Celestials don't regard Xue Feng as God at all, but respect him as an elder brother, as bosom friend to whom we can open our mind to communicate, as friend that we can drink together in the midnight and as playmate of entertainment. However, the people who are fettered by traditional thinking and religious doctrine place Xue Feng to the position of "God" to attack; they imagine Xue Feng to be God, then they attack Xue Feng like Don Quixote attacking wind as his enemy.

There are differences between worship and respect. If we take respect as worship, God will be everywhere.

It is your supposition to think Xue Feng's action of building and developing Lifechanyuan as his desire for being an overlord, colleting wealth and luring beauty. The honey bee never fights for food with fly; you can't find a big frog in a small pond. "How can a sparrow know the will of a swan?" How can laity guess out the wish of the Super Celestial Beings?

In a word, Lifechanyuan is the wonderland for resonant souls; no matter who you are, as long as you can resonate with Lifechanyuan, you can be the member of Lifechanyuan family; you can play games and travel life with other Chanyuan celestials. If you can't resonate with Lifechanyuan, please seek another place you like. Please don't rattle away, indulge in self-admiration and complain; please don't deliver lectures and complain that no one understand you in Lifechanyuan.

Oct 25, 2008
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