What Is the Destiny for the Boat of Lifechanyuan

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What Is the Destiny for the Boat of Lifechanyuan

Xue Feng

Without a specific direction and a clear goal, human life will inevitably go round in circle; life can only transmigrate in-place.

People who want to go everywhere can but mark time, because we can't simultaneously on the way to New York, Tokyo, London and Johannesburg. Just think about a ship sailing on the boundless and indistinct sea, what shall it do without directions and destination? Either go with the stream or sail without a certain destination or circling in the same place.

Human life without direction and goal is a perplexed life; life without direction and goal is vacant life.

It is still useless if there is only direction, because there are lots of stops in one direction. If there isn't specific destination, we will lose ourselves in the endless direction.

Every boat has its direction and goal; so we have to make clear that where the boat is going when we take it. Maybe some are fishing boats; they will retrace their routes after fishing in the sea. Some are pleasure-boats; they take us back where we start after visiting some scenic spots. Probably some are pirate ships; they anchor in a mystery place for a while after robbing other ships on the sea, then watch for chance to rob again. Maybe some are discovery ship; they have no idea about their destination; they don't know whether it is an uninhabited Iceland or a flaming Island of fire, they merely take their chances.

Then, what is the destiny for the boat of Lifechanyuan?

Along with the direction of developing Lifechanyuan era, Lifechanyuan will begin its voyage to Elysium world and Celestial Islands Continent. There are two stops on the way to Elysium world and Celestial Islands Continent: one is the thousand-year world; the other is the ten-thousand-year world.

Why does it stop at the thousand-year world and the ten-thousand-year world on its way to Elysium world and Celestial Islands Continent?

Because it is a boat of life, and also a boat that gone for ever; so the one who takes this boat should have a place to go; although the destination is Celestial Islands Continent, not every passenger can reach there; a good deal of lives have to get off at the thousand-year world, some at the ten-thousand-year world, and minority can reach to Celestial Islands Continent,

So far, none of people taking the boat of Lifechanyuan can reach to Celestial Islands Continent, only a few people can reach to the ten-thousand-year world, and great majority can achieve the standards of reaching to the thousand-year world.

Of course it is not the final conclusion, because everyone is still sublimating and developing. May be they can break through the zero bound and make an essential development in a night; in this case, there will be much more lives who can reach to the ten-thousand-year world and Celestial Islands Continent.

You should take the ship of Lifechanyuan by your heart instead of by your body, name and sign. If our heart is not in the ship but a name, it can't be called taking boat of Lifechanyuan; so in this case, if you can't reach to your destination, you can't complain to be cheated by the ship, you are cheated yourself, because you never take this ship-it can be said that your body is in the ship but your heart is still on the shore, you are waiting and seeing, watching the wind direction, balancing the advantages and disadvantages and choosing your goal.

The ship of Lifechanyuan will reach to its destination on time according to the time of life of universe. No matter how many people will take this ship, no matter millions of people or zero people, this ship has to sail to the Heaven according to its plan and procedure.

To people who want to escape from catastrophe and go to the Heaven, the ship of Lifechanyuan has been to your gate and has called for you; whether to take it or not depends on your own will; you can't complain any celestial beings; and it is unjustifiable to cry and complain at the gate of Heaven.

The people waiting for the coming of the Buddha and Christ Jesus should think deeply. What kind of Buddha and Jesus do you want to see and to wait? Will you see them by your heart or by your eye? Express by your heart or by your mouth? Listen by your heart or by your ear? And understand by your heart or by words and flesh body?

Anyway, the ship of life has been to the earth, the ship of life has been at your gate.

Oct 4th, 2007
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