Make the Best Use of Everything

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Make the Best Use of Everything

Xue Feng

All things have the applicable, wonderful and strong point. Make the full use of it and there would be no waste. Shits, animals' excrements, are a fine fertilizer which will promote the growth of plant if being applied in the land.

We should make the best use of everything or it will be a waste or a profane or irreverence. Everything has its unique function, and there is no waste in nature. Even feces, dung beetles, or the falling leaves in autumn have their use too. It will be a satisfactory and equal state for the full use of everything.

As far as the human body is concerned, each organ has its specific function. While the eyes, nose, mouth, ears, hands and feet should be in full use, the brain, sex organs, entrails should be in full use too. Only in this way can we live up to the will of the Greatest Creation.

It should be making the best use of everything, or grievances will arise and the nature will be repressed. The strength of horse is running, so let it run; the strength of cow is giving milk, so let it give milk; the strength of honey bees is pollinating a variety of plants and making honey, so let them pollinate and make honey.

As to human beings, some are good at singing or dancing, so let them sing or dance; some people are good at growing vegetables, some are good at nursing, some are good at studying, some have an aptitude for theory, and some have an aptitude for practice, so provide them opportunities for maximizing their strengths.

We should make the best use of everything, or it will be a destruction or contempt. The aircraft flying in the sky, the car running on the ground, the ship sailing in the water, they all have their own strengths; the African enjoys a good physical quality, the Western enjoys a good scientific and technological quality, the Asian enjoys a good quality in thinking; they all have their own strengths too. Beans are high in protein, vegetable are high in vitamin, fats and oils are high in fat; they all have their own strengths too. Everything has its merits and what should be used is to put their merits into full use. Of course, there is nothing improper for growing flowers with washbowls, ploughing with horse or taking the pen as chopstick, but their merit is wasted and it is a distortion of nature.

As to human society, everybody's ability should be brought into full play as much as possible. If those who engage in literature turn to scientific study, those who engage in music turn to acrobatics, and those who do farming work turn to business, it will be a great waste of manpower and also a great distortion and suppression of nature.

We should make the best of everything, including the best use of human potentials. In this way, the waste will be minimized and the strength will be maximized.

If someone lives powerless and accomplish nothing, the real reason is not that the man haven't got a gift but that the man's nature was not brought into full play, or people did not make the best use of his talents, or people use his talents in a wrong place or wrong way.

It is a waste to fire mosquitoes with cannon, and it is also a waste to tunnel with bullets or grenades.

Home without Marriage and Family must make the best use of everything, no matter it is a person or thing in Lifechanyuan, and the Lifechanyuan Era will make strive for this target too. All chanyuan celestials should educate themselves in this aspect.

May 5, 2010
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