I am a Chanyuan Celestial

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I am a Chanyuan Celestial


Tongxin celestial and Xidai celestial

I am a chanyuan celestial in Lifechanyuan who has descended to the human world from the heavenly kingdom with the instruction to help Guide "harvest the rippen crops" and build Lifechanyuan, initiate Lifechanyuan era.

This is my mission, my long-cherished wish, and more importantly all the meaning of my life and LIFE. Let's follow the Guide to moralize humankind, making people respect the Greatest Creator, LIFE, and nature and follow the way of the Greatest Creator, guiding them away from the Egypt of soul, and leading them to a new era, in which “the worthy person can fully utilize his talents, the whole world is like one family”, “and “No one will keep lost articles found on the roadside, and the houses need not be bolted at night”.

I am a Chanyuan celestial, humble and insignificant in power, but I have a perfect soul and morality. I am one of the most civilized and well-bred men of mankind. I am never arrogant and conceited, I am not swell-headed with pride, and I never impose my wills on others.

I am hardworking, I am committed to work, I practice hygiene, value facts, believe in science, and advocate social morality, and promote credibility, because I am a Chanyuan celestial.

I do not oppose the government, I do not harbor animosity to anyone, because I am a Chanyuan celestial.

I love my hometown that has raised me and brought me up, I love my parents and fellow citizens who have endured all kinds of hardships, I love my brothers and sisters, I love all that love me, because I am a Chanyuan celestial.

I love my husband or wife, I conscientiously raise and educate my children, because I am a Chanyuan celestial.

I will listen to the teachings of Jesus Christ, Buddha Sakyamuni, the Prophet Mohammed, and the Celestial LaoTzu, because I am a Chanyuan celestial.

I only follow the Way of the Greatest Creator, I do not follow any other way, because I am a Chanyuan celestial.

I do not control others, I do not engage in forceful occupation, I do not restrict anyone's freedom, and I do not allow others to restrict my freedom, either, because I am a Chanyuan celestial.

I want to share the same frequency and resonance with the values of Lifechanyuan, I do not want to stick to my prejudice and partial understanding, I believe in the Greatest Creator and the arrangement of Tao, I believe in the luck that brings people into a relation, I believe in the track of LIFE, because I am a Chanyuan celestial.

I regard other Chanyuan celestials as my sisters, brothers, and lovers, I will open myself to other Chanyuan celestials, and exchange with them my understanding and perception of life and LIFE, I would like to accompany my sisters and brothers on the journey of life, I would try whatever is within my power to help other Chanyuan celestials, because I am a Chanyuan celestial.

I do not gain extra advantage unfairly, I do not pocket anything on the ground that does not belong to me , and I would not claim as my mine the fruits of others, because I am a Chanyuan celestial.

I am always grateful, I never create trouble, I never exploit others' labor, I would rather endure hard work and hardships than do anything against my own conscience, because I have my good conscience, and I have a court in my soul to judge sincerity, falsity, kindness and evil, and beauty and ugliness. I always engage in introspection, self-trial and self-check, I never indulge myself or be too tolerant to myself, because I am a Chanyuan celestial.

I believe in miracle, spiritual perception, and I believe that there is in the heavenly kingdom Thousand-Year World, Ten-Thousand-Year World, and Elysium World, because I am a Chanyuan celestial.

I will trek and scale the highest realm of life and LIFE, no matter how treacherous the road ahead might be, no matter how many twists and turns and setbacks I might encounter, no matter how hard kind-hearted people around may dissuade me, and no matter how many Chanyuan celestials might leave. I am staunch in belief, obstinate in will, indomitable in spirit, unswerving in determination. I will press ahead with indomitable will, and I will never give up until I have accomplished my goal, because I am a Chanyuan celestial.

I have a magnanimous heart, and a lofty ideal. I will never be overwhelmed by setbacks, adversity, and death, because my LIFE is linked to the source, I am blended into the soul of the Greatest Creator. The sky may fall, the earth may cave in, but my spirit will survive eternally, my LIFE will live on forever, my future will be extremely beautiful and splendid, because I am a Chanyuan celestial.

I am a Chanyuan celestial, and the terminal that my LIFE is running toward is the Celestial Island Continent of the Elysium World, which is my permanent hometown and my cozy home. I am convinced that the Guide will enlighten me on the mystery of LIFE and the path to the heavenly kingdom, I firmly believe that I will have an island as the size of the earth, and I will be the master on this island. I will create my beautiful home according to my interests and likes, I will always invite Super Celestial Beings on other islands to visit this island of mine, and I will also pay visit to Super Celestial Beings on other islands, my LIFE will from then on be eternally from misfortune and afflictions, I will stroll about to my heart's content and fully enjoy the grace that the Greatest Creator has blessed with.

I have embarked upon the expedition of LIFE, I am a Chanyuan celestial on the sailboat of Lifechanyuan, sailing happily forward to the infinitely wonderful future.

Wish me good luck! Admire me! because, I am a Chanyuan celestial in Lifechanyuan!

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