Attention! Focus on This Column with Over 100 Million Hits!!

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Focus on This Column with Over 100 Million Hits!!

Very few websites throughout the vastness of cyberspace attract more than a hundred-million hits. Should you not be focusing your interest on them?
1. How did the universe come into being?
2. How enormous is the universe?
3. What are time and space?
4. From where did humanity originate?
5. Do other lives populate the planets orbiting other stars?
6. Does heaven exist, or not?
7. If so, what is heaven like?
8. Will people transmigrate after their mortal death or simply disappear forever?
9. Will people just lie quietly in the ground awaiting their return to life?
10. What will humanity’s future be like?
11. What is the composition of life?
12. What is the purpose of human life?
13. What are predestined relationships?
14. How did twenty parallel worlds come into being?
15. Is it reasonable to accept the division of thirty-six dimensional space?
16. What are the thirty-six universal mazes?
17. What are the differences among ignorant people, laities, mortals, sages, and saints?
18. Is the fairyland the same as the pure land?
19. What are supreme thinking?
20. What are the greatest crises that now face humanity?
21. How will humanity survive these great upcoming changes?
22. How does one enter into the fairyland?
23. And so on and so forth!

Here are clear and detailed answers and interpretations to all these questions.
Read them if you have the time and inclination; if not, just forget them because it must be more important for you to just earn money.
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