The Signal Changing Direction of Life

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The Signal Changing Direction of Life

Deiform Buddha

Somebody told me that I couldn’t be rich if I carry on working for somebody or even for government. I treated it as a signal which at last changed my life channel.

Everyday the Greatest Creator send us some signals which can change the direction of our life. Whether we can catch it or not depends on whether our heart is ready for it. Two elements make up one’s fate. One is fatality, and the other is life channel. We can do nothing about fatality, for it is fixed by our previous deeds. If we want to have a bright life future, the only thing that we can do is focusing on our life channel. Stars will always turn around its orbit if no outer force acts upon them. As a matter of fact, everything in the universe will follow the same way if doesn't change itself or no other factors interfere with it.

Everyone wishes for a healthy, wealthy, free and happy life. The question is how to get it. Now there are three ways:

1. Always alter the direction of life just like eagles flying above the ground change their wings for the rabbits running in the fields.

2. Know as much as possible about the meaning of LIFE, the meaning of time, the meaning of space, the meaning of the Greatest Creator.

3. Try every mean to communicate with the people whose frequency of LIFE structure is the same as yours.

Where can we find out the answers? You can learn from Jesus, Buddha, Islam, Taoism, scientist or some other doctrines and theories. They can help you a lot. But the core of life lies upon the Greatest Creator and the Greatest Creator’s systems. So the best way of realizing our ideal is going directly to the Greatest Creator. Only this way can lead us to a prosperous life.

Now there is another problem arising in our head. How can we go directly to the Greatest Creator? How can we know the Greatest Creator’s system and the way the system works?

The answer is here, go inside of Lifechanyuan. It’s called 生命禅院 (Lifechanyuan) in Chinese. Here you can find out all the answers about the Greatest Creator and the Greatest Creator's systems, the meaning of LIFE, the meaning of time and space and so on. Also, you can find many nice and trustworthy people inside of it.

People all over the world who would like to come and join Lifechanyuan will be sincerely welcomed by the people who has already in Lifechanyuan,who are called “Chanyuan Celestials”.

This short article is written especially for our brother Xianshan celestial (仙山草)。

2006-5-5 Harare
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