A Door Leading to an Everlasting Happy Life

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A Door Leading to an Everlasting Happy Life

——an Introduction to Lifechanyuan


We are in the last days of this age. Year 2013 is the turning point. Lifechanyuan is the last course for human beings to learn and follow. The first course was given by Buddha. The second was by Jesus Christ. This is the third. The third is the last.

Lifechanyuan contains precious truths from the Greatest Creator of universe. It tells us how the universe comes into being, how LIFE started, and the beginning of human being. It tells us the meaning of time and space, and the meaning of LIFE. It also tells us the purpose of LIFE, the cause of human suffering, the future of mankind, the way how a person can get an everlasting happy life, and so on.

Lifechanyuan is for humble, teachable, mild-tempered, heart-ready-for-everlasting-life people. It is for those people who want to devote his or her whole life to benefiting the mankind, meantime, want to have a happy life in the kingdom of heaven.

Lifechanyuan will usher in a new era (the Lifechanyuan era) for the mankind on this earth, it also will harvest the “ripe crops” who 100% believes in Buddha and Jesus Christ. Lifechanyuan calls out all the people to walk on the way of the Greatest Creator designed for us, for it is the only way that leads to a happy life on the earth and everlasting happy life in the kingdom of heaven.

The general news Lifechanyuan reveals is as follows.


The one, who created the universe, is the Greatest Creator, not any god. All the gods and goddesses are created by the Greatest Creator. Lives in the universe including human beings on the earth are created by gods and goddesses according to the design given by the Greatest Creator. The Greatest Creator has 8 characteristics. They are unique, formless, neutral, mysterious, impartial, merciful, supremely powerful and wise. The Greatest Creator stays at the zero point. His holy spirit spreads all over the universe. We could feel his holy spirit at any place at any time. This holy spirit is called Tao by Lao Tzu, one of the greatest men in Chinese history.


There are 20 worlds simultaneously exist in the universe. What we humans stays and lives in is only one of them. These 20 worlds are linked up by the zero point. This zero point is the core of the Greatest Creator.


There are 36 spaces in this universe. The human’s world is only one of them. We humans have other 9 more spaces to go to stay and live in. The 3 best spaces are named as the Thousand-year World, Ten-thousand-year World, and the Elysium World. There is a paradise within the Elysium World called the Celestial Islands Continent. This is the world that Lifechanyuan will guide everyone to go to live in.


Human beings comes from three channels. One channel is Jesus Christ. Another is Jehovah the god. The third is the dragon. Adam and Eve are not the ancestors of all mankind, but of some races.


Life is a journey. Life has no ending. Physical body is only the carrier of LIFE. When people pass away, the physical body stops its mission and LIFE still goes on to another journey. People who walk on the Greatest Creator’s way will be transferred to live in a higher world. People who walk on other ways will be transferred to a lower world. People who like family and country will come back to the earth as a human being again.


The judgement on LIFE is carried out at every second. There is no “final judgment ”,nor is there judgment upon the passing away of a LIFE. LIFE goes from one world to another right away automatically. Everything that we’ve done has an exact recording in the inner structure of our LIFE. We cannot hide or run away from what we have done.


We can’t go to heaven so long as we have one cent’s debt which is not yet paid, for the law of LIFE gravitation will pull us back. We must clear off all our debts owed to parents, wife or husband, friends, other people, and to the earth if we want to go to stay and live in the kingdom of heaven.


LIFE has 8 profound mysteries. Anyone who knows and masters the 8 mysteries could go to any world he or she is willing to. Lifechanyuan will reveal some of them.


LIFE is a nonmaterial structure with the Holy Spirit. There is no LIFE without the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit comes from the Greatest Creator. This is why we must walk on the way of the Greatest Creator. Otherwise, we have no way to have an everlasting happy life.


LIFE exists for the universe. The universe exists for LIFE. No universe, no LIFE. No LIFE, no universe.


The solar system was created only for human beings. There are no humans on the other planets in the solar system except on the earth. The moon is made by angels. It’s a metal satellite empty inside. It’s a warehouse. There are some tools still inside moon. There is a door on the other side of the moon for the flying in and out of the flying instruments.This is the reason why the moon always faces the Earth with the same side.


All the natural things on the earth and in the universe are part of the images of the Greatest Creator. All the natural phenomena on the earth and in the universe are the words of the Greatest Creator. The Greatest Creator never talks with man or woman in mankind’s languages, but through phenomena.


All living lives have thoughts. But their way of thinking is quite different from each other. There are 8 different ways of thinking. They are material thinking, image thinking, associative thinking, illusive thinking, visualized thinking, Taiji thinking, Non-form thinking, Holographic thinking. Why a dog is a dog, a man is a man? Because of the ways of their thinking are different. This shows that we must have the celestial's way of thinking if we want to stay and live in the kingdom of heaven.


Anything is possible. Impossibility comes from the impossible thinking.


Nothing is accidental, everything is certain, but not inevitable.


Getting a "visa" is very important if we wish to go to stay and live in the kingdom of heaven. Here the kingdom of heaven refers only to the Thousand-year World, Ten-thousand-year World, and the Celestial Islands Continent. Lifechanyuan provides the "visa" for anyone who wants it if he or she is sincerely willing to walk on the way of the Greatest Creator.


There are only energy, structure, and consciousness in the universe. Everything that we can see or cannot see is an illusion of these three elements. Everything will disappear when time goes on except for energy, structure, and consciousness.


No movement, no time. Time is the recorder of the movement states of all kinds of matters. So, we should try our best to run away from matters if we wish to have a long, long life anywhere in any world. There is no time in nonmaterial world. If we cannot imagine this, let us just know that everything appears in the nonmaterial world can be duplicated again and again.


The universe has no boundaries. It can be expanded or contracted. Space always changes its boundaries according to the movement of matters and the scope of consciousness.


All kinds of lives are designed by the Greatest Creator and made by gods and goddesses and angels at the beginning. The theory of evolution is wrong.


All kinds of lives on the earth are made for serving people. Lower lives serve higher lives. So people must protect and love all the other kinds of lives, for people cannot live without them. Maltreating and excessively using them will cause humans themselves a big trouble.


Traditional family, country, political party and religion are four problem makers. Where there is traditional family, there is pain and hardship. So are the political party, religion, and country. In the future of mankind, there will be no nuclear family,no political party, no religion, and no country.


The best way managing and arranging human’s activities is Lifechanyuan plus global government. Lifechanyuan is responsible for human’s spiritual and soul guiding, for providing spiritual and soul needs and activities. Global government is responsible for human’s daily work, study, and allotment activities. Government should not be controlled by any family, or political party, country or religion.


Mankind should be led and guided by the most intelligent, well educated, civilized people, not by people who belong to a race. That some places are rich and some places are poor is not normal. Everyone should do his or her best while everyone has the right to enjoy life.


The core crisis human faces is the soul crisis. It means that we are putting the incidentals before the fundamentals, that we are doing it upside down if we ignore the soul crisis but emphasize on other crises, such as atmospheric temperature rises, population growth, food shortage, pollution, autocracy, terrorism, war, etc.


Mankind must be united as one family. The state that each one goes his own way must be ended. Everyone, every family, every country, every religion, every political party’s conduct and affairs are not a single event, but related to all the people on the earth. The question is who has the capability to undertake this great and glorious task? The answer is: only Lifechanyuan. Lifechanyuan has the plan detailed on its Chinse & English web site. (Chinese: www.lifecosmos.org English:www.lifechanyuan.org)


What is called self-improvement (修行) is to follow Buddha and Jesus Christ’s teachings and making one’s effort on the construction of Lifechanyuan. The real meaning of self-improvement lies in the effort to construct Lifechanyuan.


What is called self-cultivation (修炼) is to widen and improve the understanding of LIFE, to convert the way of thinking, to attain perfect consciousness, and flawlessness in one’s inner nonmaterial LIFE structure.


Consciousness makes reality. The reality we are in is the reflection of our consciousness. Everything comes from consciousness. Whether we could have an everlasting happy life in the kingdom of heaven or not depends upon whether our consciousness is perfect or not. If we have pig’s consciousness, then we are pigs. If we have dog’s consciousness, then we are dogs. Similarly, if we have god’s consciousness, we are gods.


Thinking is energy as well as invisible power. With thinking, one can control other people’s thought and even kill people from far away. So, having kind thought is very important to us. Otherwise, we'll become followers of the devil.


From the viewpoint of celestials, some normal standpoints of human’s are abnormal. Some abnormal standpoints are normal. For example, marriage; for man is normal, but for celestials, it is abnormal. Having many lovers is abnormal from man’s standpoint, but it is normal for celestials.


Everything has its meaning and purpose. There is nothing which is useless.


Love will bring love. Hate will reap hate. Plant melons and we get melons, sow beans and we get beans. As we sow, so will we reap. No flukiness. Never think we could have something without effort, or that we could run away from sin by a fluke.


Repentance is very important. There is no perfect man in this world. Neither are we. Repenting of our sin can lead us to the way of perfection. Perfection will allow us to live in the kingdom of heaven.


There is a nonmaterial world. The Holy Spirit belongs to the nonmaterial world. So if we have wishes, we should tell the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit will reflect upon our wishes now or later.


Try our best to imagine good things, good future, beautiful environment, good health, smooth and successful way of life etc.. It will work in its way.


Sickness comes not from our body, it comes from our nonmaterial inner LIFE structure’s flaws. Or we can say it comes from our ill consciousness. We can even say it comes from our ill spiritual and soul needs.

The purpose of life is for enjoyment, not for suffering. The Greatest Creator likes people who enjoy, not people who suffer. How to get enjoyment and make enjoyable life is the first concern we should think about. Enjoyment comes from not only material wealth, but mainly from wealthy spiritual and soul offerings.


Besides the sense of sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch, we also have the sense of spiritual perception. Spiritual perception is the most important senses of all. Lifechanyuan will guide everyone on how to get this sensation step by step.


Birds of a feather flock together Lifechanyuan divides people into 5 groups. One group is named Ignorant people who do everything by instinct. The second group is named Laity, who do everything by their selfish desires. The third group is named Mortal who do everything by emotion. The fourth group is named Sage who do everything by reason. The fifth group is named saints and Celestials who do everything according to the way of the Greatest Creator. What kind of person are you going to be?

Human has been guided into a new era, Lifechanyuan era. Anyone who intends to get into this new era must prepare you yourself for matching the standard of new era. The main standard of the new era are 1. walking on the way of the Greatest Creator; 2. leaving families, political parties, religious organizations, races, and countries; 3. love all the people; 4. giving up all you have; 5.treat and serve other people sincerely; 6. has no jealousy; 7. love and enjoy collective activities; 8. love labor.

Life on earth is short. Time is flying. We have no time to explain all the details. We should look for people who share the same belief, same life value, same life-style and try to stay and live together with them if we wish to have a joyful and happy life. It is very difficult to change or convert somebody in a short period of time. So, let' look for resonant people who might be far away from us, rather than to waste time changing people around us who are not resonant with us.

The earth will be purified in the near future just like we sometimes make a thorough clean for our house. Some will stay and some will be cleaned away. Who can stay? Those who walk on the way of the Greatest Creator will stay. Those who are spiritually and psychologically sick will be cleaned away.

New generation is much more clever than old generation. The present generation knows more than the past generation. If we want to change something, we should depend upon present people, not on past people. Just like we send our message through new internet method instead of by post, we should listen more to what the present people say than what the past people say. If we stick to the old ways we will lose good opportunity to convert our suffering life to happy life.

The way we think is the state of our LIFE. If we want to change the state of our LIFE, we must change the way of our thinking first. Today is the continuation of yesterday. Tomorrow will be the continuation of today. So if we wish to have a good tomorrow, let's take action today for tomorrow. Similarly, if we wish to stay and live in the Celestial Islands Continent, let' think in the ways of celestial beings from now on.

Live for yourself. Don't live for others. If everyone lives for themselves, there will be harmony. If everyone lives for others, everything will be upside down, everything is going to be a mess. This is not selfish, but reality. Selfishness is benefiting oneself in the name of for the good of others.

Listening to the call comes from our inner heart. Don't follow the traditional sound. You will find your true self through this way. Otherwise, you will lose yourself and never find the way home.

Always look on the bright side of things. Negative imagining or thinking will cause sickness or trouble. The nonmaterial world will echo with any sound you make.

Don't love only one. Love as many as possible, so long as you like and you could love. Love through your heart. Don't love through marriage law or marriage forms.

The value and meaning of LIFE on earth is convert man's lifestyle to celestial's life mode by walking on the way of the Greatest Creator. No matter how rich you are, no matter how great and important you are, no matter how powerful you are, you are going to die at any time at any place in the near future and all what you have will be useless for yourself when you pass away. So what is the most important thing we should think and do?
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