The Second Home (now New Oasis for Life)is Your Home

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The Second Home (now New Oasis for Life)is Your Home
(Translated by Conglong and Ailian)

Our home is the fruit of painstaking labor of Chanyuan celestials, and it is a place where people live and work together, and also a home where one’s birth, aging, illness, and death are taken care of. It is more of a place where members are able to climb to the highest realms of life and LIFE.

There is no boss or anyone in a supreme position. The spiritual guide and all branch directors are the servants of all members instead of the controlers of people’s lives. Anyone who has devoted their wisdom and efforts to the building of the Second Home is the owner of the home, which means this home is your home.

Recently, one Chanyuan celestial who works in the society asked me, “Guide, I do not like my current job and want to quit it; I do not know whether I will be allowed to come back. If the home doesn’t accept me, I plan to go back to my (secular) home.” This Chanyuan celestial had invested a lot of effort into the building of the Second Home; although our beautiful home had disappeared, and we are now struggling to survive, no matter how difficult our financial situation is, as long as the Second Home still exists, the home is your home, and you have right to, and are eligible to come back.

If you come back, let us share bliss and misfortune together. If there is no vacant room to stay, let us just share room and live together. As long as there is something to eat, let us make sure everyone has a bite; and let us live and die together. We should never refuse anyone who has dedicated his heart and soul to the Second Home, and there should never be someone in a supreme position, including the spiritual guide.

Every chanyuan celestial please remember, as long as you devoted yourself to the Second Home, either participated in the building of the Second Home or donated to the Second Home, no matter what happens, as long as you have paid for the Second Home, it is your home.

If you have been dedicated to the Second Home these years, no matter where you are, in the Second Home or outside of the community, when you get old, you can come to the Second Home without permission. Because the Second Home is your home. When you lose your job or feel helpless in life, when you suffer significant changes or are at the end of your tether, when you suffer a deadly disease or can not continue with your job because of illness, please come to the Second Home. The Second Home is your home. There are brothers and sisters you have been giving a hand to, they should take care of you in return.

As long as the Second Home is still alive, there is a space for you. But everyone should remember that anyone who has not devoted anything to the Second Home is not qualified to live in the Second Home and enjoy the community life. Therefore, everyone should set up a moral court in their conscience. You lawsuit and judge yourself. What we pursue is fair and reasonable. So we ourselves must be fair and reasonable first. Grow your own fruit and enjoy the reward. You should never have the thought of trying to get things on the cheap or enjoying the fruits of others’ labors.

If you give, you will receive. And you must receive. To receive you should give and you must give. If you have paid, do not worry, just enjoy freely. Do not worry, just come as you like, you do not need any permission, the Second Home is your home.

April 15, 2014
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