The Media, the Government, and Worthy people of the Society are Expected to Pay More Attention to Lifechanyuan

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The Media, the Government, and Worthy people of the Society are Expected to Pay More Attention to Lifechanyuan
Xue Feng

Lifechanyuan has been in existence for eight years, and the communist community it founded has been operating for three years. We have created a new way of life distinct from the traditional patterns of life. This new pattern is very successful and thus deserves the attention of media, government and worthy people of the society.

Mankind should seek a road that is capable to provide a thorough solution to the contradictions between man and man, between man and society, and man and nature, so that different peoples can live harmoniously, free from any conflicts, war, hunger, and crimes, and every citizen on earth can live in joy, pleasure, freedom, and happiness. And we achieved this goal in the Second Home (now New Oasis for Life)created by ifechanyuan.

Lifechanyuan is by no means any form of religious organization, nor is it any form of political organization, and even less any form of self-refinery and self-cultivation group. How is Lifechanyuan defined then? According to the current situation, it can roughly be defined as “a big harmonious family”.

Lifechanyuan does not aim at a certain region or a certain country, instead it aims at the whole mankind and the whole world.

It is very difficult to have a comprehensive understanding of Lifechanyuan and the new way of life of the Second Home, because this is a holographic thinking and holographic pattern. Nevertheless, anyone can feel and experience the happiness and peace this holographic thinking and pattern can bring to nature, different species of LIFE, society, and everyone.

Currently there are nearly 170 people living in the Second Home, including the blind, the deaf and the dumb, and people as old as eighty or as young as three and four. Most are middle-aged. They live in three subunits of the home.

Through three years of practice, we have summed up the following eight

characteristics that are worthy of attention.

1. There are no management

The the Second Home has not prescribed any rules, regulations, or commandments. There is only one director to take charge of each subunit and there is no one else involved in the management. And what a director does can barely count as management. They are only ordinary laborers who have taken up the role of servants responsible for the overall management of production and life. The directors do not have the right to impose their own wills upon anyone else. Everything goes on according to free will and volition.

The economic management of the home is completely holographic. There is no accountant or teller, there is no one for supervision, and there is no office of any form.

2. There is no money transaction in the home

Inside the Second Home, money has no use. There is no transaction of money involved in person-to-person relations, and there is absolutely no conflict of interests of any kind.

3. Marriage and family have disappeared

People in the Second Home do not marry, and the original husband-wife relationship is cancelled, and the original family relations are dissolved. All members of the home are relatives to each other.

4. Private ownership has disappeared completely

Once inside the home, each member shall hand over all his or her belongings to the home and shall no longer claim possession of any private materials or articles. Complete communist life is enforced in the home. The home is wholly responsibly for all aspects of each member’s life, including the raising and education of children and the care for and support of the old people.

5. The members serve each other and cooperate with each other in their division of labor

There will be a person responsible for each specific job in the home.

People engaged in cooking need to take charge of cooking only, people with a job of laundering will be responsible for laundry only, those with the work of cleaning care only for cleaning, and people involved in planting vegetables shall concern them only with planting… They serve each other on the basis of cooperation and division of labor. There is not any trace of the troubling chores that have been pestering the traditional small family.

6. From each according to his capability, to each according to his need

Members differ from each other in capability, in physical strength, and in intelligence. As long as one has tried his best without being forced or supervised, he can freely get materials from the home according to his need, on the condition that he does not waste. You can eat as much as you can, and it doesn’t matter even if you can have eight steamed bread at one time.

The home does not distribute things, and you can go to the storehouse to claim whatever you are in need of. The home will purchase these articles from outside to satisfy your needs.

7. Efficient and rich cultural life

The Second Home is extremely efficient in production. Construction and other kinds of work are going on in an orderly and efficient manner. Once the work or construction is decided upon, it will be put into practice immediately and greatest effort will be made to ensure the best quality. Participation in creation and labor has become the primary requirement for each member.

Each member will feel uncomfortable if he is asked to have a rest or not to participate in collective labor and activity. There are endless games and cultural entertainment activities in the home. All those who have stayed in the home for more than half a year can both sing and dance.

8. The home is harmonious, free of crimes, with women enjoying a high status

Every subunit of the home is beautiful, clean and tidy, peaceful and serene, and cozy and harmonious. The relations of man between man, man between society, and man between nature are harmonious without any contradictions and conflicts. For three years, there have never occurred any crime, and there have rarely been any quarrels, fights, or curses. The home has already achieved a state in which “no one pockets anything found on the ground and the doors are unbolted at night”. Women enjoy a higher status in the home.

The home has comprehensively guaranteed the security and human dignity of women. Now no one who lives in the home on a permanent basis would like to leave the home.

Will the Second Home of Lifechanyuan prove only to be another flash in the pan, just like many utopian and communist communities in history that have enjoyed only transient glory? The answer is “no”. It will not just be a blue streak; instead it has a broad and bright prospect that keeps unfolding. It has powerful vitality. It can be predicted that in the near future the Second Home will take root, blossom, and flourish all over the world, and benefit mankind.

It is hoped that media, government, and worthy people of the society will pay more attention to Lifechanyuan and the Second Home. You are welcome to make field investigation and survey in the home and get first-hand knowledge of the activities held in the home. We are all committed to realizing the great harmony of communist society, where “the worthy person can fully utilize his talents, the whole world is like one family”, ““No one will keep lost articles found on the roadside, and the houses need not be bolted at night”, everything will be in complete harmony, the weather will be good for harvest, and everyone will be happy, free and pleasant.

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