The Economic Planning of the Second Home (now New Oasis for Life)of Lifechanyuan

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The Economic Planning of the Second Home (now New Oasis for Life)of Lifechanyuan

The starting fund for the Second Home of Lifechanyuan comes from my personal savings of fifty thousand U.S.dollars and the donations from sisters and brothers. After the Second Home went into operation, sisters and brothers made their contributions successively. We have never accepted funding and donations from any other individual and organization than Chanyuan celestials.

Now the home has formally begun operation. We are going to solve the problems of food, clothing, shelter, transportation, living, aging, illness and death for more and more sisters who are entering our home, and we are creating a home with a beautiful environment, where every one can have a happy feeling and live a convenient life. How can we make a living and achieve these purposes? Can we go on just by relying on the donations from sisters and brothers?

The answer is no. We will rely on ourselves, we will work hard and create wealth. Chanyuan celestials never live on alms given by others.

My plan is that by 2013 the home will create economic revenue of ten million Yuan RMB every year. I have already decided upon the project and have conducted market research and predictions. Specializing in plantation, this project will serve the double purposes of beautifying the environment and bringing welfare for the society.

Currently the home is basically self-sufficient in the supply of vegetables. We need not purchase these produces from outside the home. The home has planted more than ten thousand fruit trees, including plums, grapes, chestnuts, peaches, and other fruits. They are basically enough for use in the Second Home. The home now produces more than enough pears and can sell some to make some money. The home has raised some chickens. My idea is that everyone has an egg every day, and this hope has been realized basically. As for the third branch, my hope is that everyone has one chicken 's egg and one duck's egg every day. And this hope will also come true in the near future. As a result, we need not buy any meat from the market. The home need not spend money on fuels. We get firewood from pruning fruit trees. Later when the need increases, and firewood is short in supply, we can

build methane pool. The manure for the vegetables and fruits are mostly natural fertilizer, we seldom purchase chemical fertilizer. The stool of the home can be put to use as the potassium fertilizer. In addition, the burned garbage, the water-logged compost, and chicken feces can also be used as fertilizer for the land.

The home will not buy any luxury items, and it will not buy any objects with a low ratio of utilization.

The home does not waste any resources, not a vegetable leaf, not drop of water, not a grain of rice, not even stools.

Currently the company does not have very high profit, but can basically meet the daily expenses required by the company' business and staff members.

I tell the sisters and brothers of the home jokingly that the home will have so much money in the future that there will be not enough place to place it and we don't know how to spend it. Although this is simply a joke, I know for sure that we can realize this ideal without relying on the donations from any organizations, individuals or the sisters and brothers of the home.

We ask the whole society and the sisters and brothers of the Second Home to wait and see that a community that has a beautiful and kind heart and follow the way of the Greatest Creator can work wonders and miracles in the human world.

I have written a song named "The miraculous second home". This second home is really a miraculous place, let's just wait and see.

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