Notice Concerning the Application for Living in The Second Home (now New Oasis for Life)

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Notice Concerning the Application for Living in The Second Home (now New Oasis for Life)

The Second Home is the favor granted by Buddha and the Greatest Creator to mankind, and is a fruit from the instructions, guides and endeavors of Jesus Christ, Buddha Sakyamuni, Celestial Lao Tze, Prophet Mohammed, and generations of sages and saints. the Second Home is the kingdom of the Greatest Creator, the complete communist community, the transfer station for "ripe crops" from the human world to the heavenly kingdom, and the fairyland --paradise on the earth created by pioneers of Lifechanyuan.

To live in the the Second Home, one must simultaneously meet the following eight fundamental conditions:

1. has been a Chanyuan celestial for at least six months, during which one has always participated in exchange in the headquarter's website.

2. has thoroughly read Chanyuan corpus and Xuefeng Corpus.

3. has a good knowledge of the life pattern of the Second Home.

4. has donated to the home currencies worth at least 2000 Yuan RMB.

5. has finished relations with secular world and does not return to the secular family and society after settling in the home.

6. possesses characters of kindness, diligence, honesty, simplicity, and faithfulness, and loves labor.

7. unmarried, or divorced, or the couple are both Chanyuan celestials.

8. Healthy, without any disease.

Once you have entered the Second Home, the home will take full responsibility for your food, clothing, shelter, transportation, living, old age, and health. Therefore it is necessary to make appropriate contributions, otherwise what reason do we have to enjoy life in the Second Home? If we have not made any contribution to the home and yet want to enjoy the highly civilized life of fairyland, then this would be unreasonable and unfair, and it would be the life of a parasite.

Anyone who has met the above eight conditions can apply for settlement in the Second Home. Your application will surely be accepted, and your wish to live in the home will surely be realized.

If you are Chanyuan celestial and want to live temporarily in the Second Home for no longer than two months, you need not meet the above eight conditions, and generally the home will not reject your presence at the home, but you must go back to the secular world after two months.

Special arrangements can be made for those who have contributed more than twenty thousand yuan to the home or who have for many years been involved in online communication for the building of the home. Currently, your applications will all be accepted in normal circumstances.

For those who have made special or great contributions to the home, the Second Home is your home and you can live in the home at any time without application. You just inform the home, and it will immediately arrange room, life utensils, and transportation for you.

In addition, starting from today, anyone applying for residence in the Second Home can indicate in the application form the subunit he or she is going to live in and apply to the director of that subunit. The directors of the subunit can decide, without soliciting my opinion, whether to accept the application according to the above regulations and the living conditions of the subunit he or she is in charge of. They also need not ask for instructions or report to me, but must provide needed information to Chanyuan celestials in charge of the compilation and gathering of information (currently Wenyuan Celestial is responsible for the gathering and compilation of the home's information).

It is hoped that all Chanyuan celestials know these conditions and that the directors of subunits arrange residence in the subunits strictly according to the above conditions.

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