Here You are Free to Spend Money

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Here You are Free to Spend Money
Xue Feng

The miraculous the Second Home (now New Oasis for Life)is the kingdom of the Greatest Creator. Here live a group of diligent, kind, simple and honest people. In order that people can have free access to money, several months ago I left two thousand Yuan RMB in the drawer of my bedroom in the 3rd subunit, where I seldom stay. I told sisters and brothers that if they need some pocket money they are free to collect it from my bedroom, and that they need not make any request to anybody and report to anybody about the money they have spent. These days I have returned to the third subunit on the matter of expansion.

Today I counted the money that still remains in the drawer. Several months have passed and there is still 980 Yuan left. That is to say, 1020 Yuan has been spent, which means that on average each person has spent less than seven Yuan a month. How simple and honest people are here!

Practice has proved that Chanyuan celestials who have undergone the baptism of Chanyuan values are the most civilized people in the world. Here “no one pockets things found on the road and doors need not be bolted at night”. People, don’t you want to change your conventional way of life and live in the miraculous and beautiful the Second Home? Make your effort for this purpose. The Home is waiting for you. All people in the world who are willing to follow the way of the Greatest Creator and the road of Chanyuan can live happily, peacefully, comfortably and harmoniously in the Second Home.

Soon, this way of money use will also be practiced in other subunits.

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