Xuefeng is Eager for Help

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Xuefeng is Eager for Help

My name is Xuefeng and I am the guide of Lifechanyuan. I reside currently at our non-profit organization, the Lifechanyuan International Big Family at 3719 Cariboo Highway 97, near Lac LaHache, British Columbia, Canada. We are running the "Cariboo Log Guest House", a bed and breakfast style guest house which can be found by entering its name into any map service online.

Cariboo Log Guest House belongs to Lifechanyuan but is being managed and maintained by my partner, Ehuang and myself. During spring, and especially during summer and autumn, too many guests want to relax at our facility for the two of us to accommodate properly. We would welcome eagerly two volunteers to help us because when the ice and snow melt in the spring, the thick grass on our eight-acre lawn must be mowed continuously and I need to spend much more time doing that so extra hands are needed to receive our guests.

We need two volunteers to offer their help to us. One would be in charge of receiving guests and serving their needs, the other would be in charge of cooking breakfasts for guests and dinners for approximately four people. We would provide all accommodations including internet and phone service, but without any pay or other benefits. It would be good if you could work for three months, better for six months, and great for a year-round commitment. I hope that people who are interested in building the International Big Family and are inspired to take part in the development of Lifechanyuan will come to help us.

Our Bed and Breakfast has six rooms which offer spectacular views of Lac La Hache, and Cariboo Highway 97 runs in front of our property. Our “Guests Review Awards” rating jumped from 8.8 in 2018 to 9.1 last year, making it a middle to high grade inn. The majority of our tenants are European, mostly German.

Cariboo Log Guesthouse
Telephone: +1-250-396-4747
Cellphone: +1-250-706-3283
Email: cariboolog@sina.com
February 3rd 2020
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