The Complementation of Advantages and Mutual Services in the Second Home (now New Oasis for Life)

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The Complementation of Advantages and Mutual Services in the Second Home (now New Oasis for Life)

the Second Home is the transfer station from the human world to the heavenly kingdom. In the Second Home, Chanyuan celestials who have gradually escaped from the secular program begin to learn the way of life in the heavenly kingdom, especially the way of life in the Thousand-Year World.

In the home they can cultivate the moral sentiment and quality of celestial being in the heavenly kingdom, and lay a foundation of LIFE for entering the heavenly kingdom after departing the human world.

Every one has his or her inborn character, specialty and hobbies. Everyone can fully bring his or her inborn character, specialty and hobbies into play, everyone can fully utilize his or her advantages. In this way, everything in production and life and every procedure in the Second Home is done by people with advantages. As a result, everything and every procedure will be completed in the best way. And this is called the complementation of advantages in the home. No one shall be forced to do anything that he or she is not willing to do or is not good at. Everyone should find his or her advantage and bring it into full play.

One major characteristics that distinguishes the Second Home is that in the secular world people in many cases have to do what they do not like to do and what they are not good at. While in the Second Home , since everyone's food, clothing, shelter, transportation, living, old age, and health and death are taken charge of by the home, the old people are taken care of by the home, the children are brought up and educated by the home, and there is no family in the home, so the work that everyone does is not related to salary, emolument and reward, and there is no distinction between nobility and lowness in any work.

Currently life and production in the Second Home goes on in a methodically and orderly manner. All work proceeds most perfectly, from cooking, laundering, cleaning, breeding, planting, building houses, and so on. All this benefits from the complementation of advantages. For example, recently Yunnan has suffered severe drought,which has seriously affected the availability of water for use and drinking. Because the Second Home has talents and every one of them has fully utilized their advantages, purchase of electrical generators, pumps, digging Wells in the valley, and the pumping of water into the home have all been accomplished smoothly, without the help from the outside. With the development of the home, barbers, doctors, nurse, and teachers will also be needed in the future. Thus, a community resembling the village of Thousand Year World is completely established.

In addition to the complementation of advantages, another characteristic of the Second Home that distinguishes it from the secular life is the mutual services provided by Chanyuan celestials to each other. Since they all follow the same values, which conforms to Lao Tze's teaching of"embracing the one as the model of world", every Chanyuan celestial can fully utilize his or her specialty to serve the home. In addition, there is no contention for power, position, honor, interest, and benefit in the home, the mutual services between Chanyuan celestials are thus different in nature from the mutual service in the secular program. In the secular program, even the mutual services between family members have a price tag, have a purpose, and are based on consideration of interest. That is to say, they owe each other a debt, emotional debt is also a kind of debt. However, in the Second Home , the mutual service does not involve owing debt to each other. Each does his or her share of work.As a result, everyone is free from spiritual and psychological burdens and can live a life of ease. All that accompanies life is pleasure and happiness.

In the Second Home , everyone is only responsible for the Greatest Creator and for themselves. Everything they do is to accomplish their cultivation. Here people don't ascribe to the value that"I do this for the good of the home and all people". No one should lecture anyone about high sounding principle, and should not try to impose his or her own life outlook and values on others. Everyone shall abide by"800 Values for New Era Human Being".

Everyone shall focus on perfecting themselves, and practice the principle that " I don't offer help if no one asks for it, and I will immediately give a hand if someone turns to me for assistance."and that" I don't mind the troubles of other people, I don't concern other people's business". These values come from the consciousness of celestial being in the heavenly kingdom, and have provided fundamental guarantee that Lifechanyuan does not evolve into a religious or political organization.

The the Second Home is developing healthily, is perfecting itself after the model of Thousand-Year World, and is currently becoming better and better. More than sixty people from different areas are living in peace and harmony, there have never been cases of contradictions, conflicts, and everything goes on in perfect order. This has proved that the values of Lifechanyuan is correct, reasonable and insightful.

If we adhere to the values, fully utilize our own advantages, serve each other,we can be guaranteed the joy, happiness, freedom, and blessing, and we will certainly marching toward the Thousand-Year World, Ten-Thousand Year World, and Celestial Island Continent of the Elysium World.

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