Holographic Management: Whoever Advances the Proposal Will be Responsible for the Proposal
Holographic Management: Whoever Advances the Proposal Will be Responsible for the Proposal Xuefeng It is easy and simple to make a proposal, but not so easy and simple to put it into practice. A good proposal is comparable to the fulcrum of a lever stick, with which a small weight can exercise great impact and bring about countless profits. A bad idea, on the other hand, can disturb one's thread of thought, can make one weighed down with work, and can cause the collapse of the whole collective or the whole cause. Lifechanyuan does not adopt democratic management system, instead it adopts holographic management system. Each affair, be it small or big, shall be taken charge of by one person only. The person in charge of the affair employs superhuman philosophy, namely: either what you say counts or what I say counts. If what I say counts, then you listen to me, and I will be responsible for all consequences and faults. If what you say counts, then I listen to you, and you will be responsible for all consequences and faults. There is no room for compromise. Cut down all useless affairs, useless talks, and useless actions. All affairs for which you can not undertake responsibility are useless affairs, all talks for which you cannot undertake responsibility are useless talks, and all actions for which you cannot undertake responsibility are useless actions. Therefore, anyone who puts forward a proposal must first of all clearly understand that he can shoulder the corresponding responsibility for the proposal. If he can not measure up to the proposal and is not willing to shoulder the responsibility, then his proposal can only amount to useless talks and useless actions, no matter how good your proposal might be. Everyone has his own set of thinking. The thinking of the specific responsible person is most practical. When doing things, one should follow his own thinking, only in this way can he have a control of the overall situation and a definite goal in view. If he lets himself led blindly by others' proposals, he will easily lose his way, wobble in his actions, shift his responsibility onto others, and neglect his duty. Hence, when someone has undertaken certain responsibility and is going all out for its performance, others had better cooperate actively instead of only putting forward ideas and suggestions. Those who speculate to secure personal gains are inclined to only offer suggestions and are not willing to do practical things. Those who shy away from hard tasks and responsibility are only engaged in bragging and boasting. They are called "sponger" in the history of China. They make use of their wits to earn a living. "Chief of staff", "commissar", and "idea man" all belong to this category. They need not take responsibility if they have messed things up, and the worst scenario is that they just resign and walk away. If things go smoothly and succeed, they simply try various means to claim credit for the success and secure personal promotion. If the world is plagued with such kind of people, more and more people will become experts of speculation for personal gains, more and more people will excel in hypocrisy, cheating, scheming, and power struggle. These people will make trouble out of nothing and bring calamity to the people and the country. All those who like to make proposal but cannot put it into practice themselves are mostly people who have no practical capabilities and are unwilling to engage in practical actions but want to show off their wits and secure glories for themselves. People of this kind are superficial, frivolous, and empty. They will only be friends of good time and will not offer help when someone is really in need of it. They would not forge forward step by step, instead they want to have a meteoric rise and become the center of power. People who are brave to take up responsibility generally don't put forward ideas or suggestions, instead, they simply say, "I will do this". People who do not want to do anything practical but want to intervene in it are those who bring ruin to the matter instead of contributing to the success of it. Lifechanyuan is to usher in the age of Lifechanyuan for mankind, so it must pioneer a new pattern of management for mankind. It should reduce useless talk and action to the greatest extent, and arrange to the front line of production those people who put up a boastful appearance but don't do any practical thing, who only talk rubbish and engage in speculation to secure personal gains, and who only want to flaunt themselves. Every member shall be involved in a specific task, and the nature of such tasks must be strictly limited to the creation of spiritual, soul and material wealth. Otherwise, he or she is just making rubbish, virus, and disaster. In Lifechanyuan, people with a practical attitude are most respected, while people with a boastful and impractical attitude are most despised. How much value you have is not decided by what you say but by what you do. Lifechanyuan does not refuse proposal, but the person that makes the proposal must take the charge and be responsible for what he has proposed. In this way, the person who puts forward the proposal will be one whose words are consistent with his actions, and the one who acts and thinks in one and the same way, and the one who has a noble character and is willing to make contributions. Lifechanyuan will carry on the great cause of unifying all thoughts and all methods and initiating the period of Lifechanyuan for mankind. What we are doing is vast and endless. As long as you are willing, every one can most fully bring his or her talent into play. Our approach to proposal is that whoever makes the proposal shall be responsible for it. 2009/8/16 -ivysunday(Sunday) 2020-9-24