Holographic Management: Everyone Can Show His SpecialFeats Just Like Eight Chinese Immortals Crossing the
Holographic Management: Everyone Can Show His SpecialFeats Just Like Eight Chinese Immortals Crossing the Sea Xuefeng The ultimate goal of Chanyuan celestials is to become celestial beings, whose greatest characteristics are joy, pleasure, happiness, and especially freedom. Thus this home of ours is so managed as to make everyone happy and free. Anything that shackles our happiness and freedom is against the holographic management. How can all the affairs of the home be managed in a lively and orderly manner and how can we ensure that everyone is joyful, pleasant, free and happy? How can we guarantee both unified will and individual happiness? There are no better methods except that everyone upholds the Chanyuan Values and most fully utilizes their sincerity, kindness, virtue, love, honesty, and faith. There are no special administrators in this home. Everyone is an administrator. Everyone serve the home according to his or her character and capability. Everyone is in charge of himself or herself. Everyone contributes creatively to the home. Everyone is responsible for a specific task. It is impossible to want to do everything, nor is it possible to be unable to do anything. One must carry through to the end what he or she has begun doing, not leaving it to others. In this home, everyone does his own work and does not worry about others' work. They should mind their own business instead of others'. He or she does not interfere in others' affairs, no matter whether they are busy or free. Everyone should only take care of his or her own business. Whether or not others have done their work well is none of your business. Just look at yourself, do not look at others. Any jealousy, complaint, criticism, and reproach is wrong and goes against the mechanism of holographic management. Currently there are 32 Chanyuan celestials who are free of any care and are devoted to our home body and soul: Hundun celestial, Taiji celestial, Ehuang celestial, Wannian celestial, Hengde celestial, Shengong celestial, Ende celestial, Shenci celestial, Canghai celestial, Jiaoe celestial, Feiya celestial, Chuangye celestial, Xuande celestial, Yidi celestial, Puxia celestial, Tianbao celestial, Shanbao celestial, Lianxia celestial, Jinci celestial, Qionghuang celestial, Huibao celestial, Jiaoxian celestial, Dongfang celestial, Mizong celestial, Shenxian celestial, Lexian celestial, Jiaohong celestial, Huanxin celestial, Xiangzhen celestial, Yixian celestial, Yinghuang celestial, and Zixia celestial. The 32 celestials are all permanent residents of the Second Home (now New Oasis for Life). The home is responsible for all expenses of these permanent residents, including expenses for food, clothing, shelter, transportation, living, aging, illness, and death. As individuals, they have nothing but own everything in the home. The thirty two permanent residents in the Second Home each shows their special feats like the eight immortals crossing the sea. Shouldering the sacred mission of initiating the age of Lifechanyuan for mankind, they help each other to weather the difficulties and share happiness and woes with each other, and they serve each other, each trying their best. They are blended in the generality of Chanyuan and at the same time have retained their individuality, with all flowers in bloom, each displaying their unique charms. Although some celestials have not entered the Second Home because opportunity has not yet ripened, they are silently serving the home outside it, caring for it and making contribution to it every day. Every one of them are doing their best for this common home in different ways and through different channels, which also reflects the wonder of holographic order of management. Under this system, they need no leadership, and no management, they don't care for personal gain and loss, they don't care for LIFE or death, honor or humiliation, they devote themselves most sincerely and unselfishly to the home. They have also manifested their special skills. The the Second Home is the transfer station between human being and celestial beings. Entering the Second Home with no personal belongings and devoting themselves entirely to it, these Chanyuan celestials have covered half the journey from mortals to immortals, with the latter half of the journey to be accomplished in the Second Home. The Chanyuan celestials outside the Second Home should continuously accomplish their earthly relations and create the conditions to enter the Second Home as quickly as possible. Chanyuan celestials should meet four requirements to enter the Second Home: 1、Read Chanyuan Corpus and Xuefeng Corpus thoroughly and conduct self-refinery and self-cultivation in this home of spirit and soul for more than one year; 2、Basically accomplish the early relations, not closely connected with the secular world, and don't have much misgivings; 3..Uphold the 800 Values for New Era Human Being and have made proper disciplines for oneself; 4..Have the capability to devote to the Second Home (please bear in mind that unless you have rendered meritorious services to the Second Home or have devoted yourself to our home for many years, the Second Home is not a place to spend one' s remaining years, not a place to enjoy yourself but a place to make your contribution and achievement.) The life pattern of the Second Home represents the future of mankind, the direction of development for human civilization, and the crystallization of the wisdom of mankind. This pattern has not appeared in the history of mankind, its prospects will become broader and broader with the development of civilization. the Second Home of Lifechanyuan is the hope of mankind. Mankind will inevitably enter the life pattern of the Second Home, which is an objective law not subject to change of man' s subjective will. The earlier the Chanyuan celestial enters the life pattern of the Second Home, the more blessed he or she will be! Blessed are the Chanyuan celestials who embarks on the journey of life according to holographic management ahead of time, because we are closer to the heavenly kingdom. 2009-05-17 -ivysunday(Sunday) 2020-9-24