Holographic Management: No management is the Best Management

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Holographic Management: No management is the Best Management

The most ingenious sword play does not need a sword, the best tactics is to defeat the enemy without actually engaging in a war. A psychological attack is superior to attack at the city.

There seems to be no law but actually law prevails everywhere, there seems to be no regulation, but actually regulation reigns supreme everywhere--this is holographic management.

Those who are highly conscious, civilized, well-educated and strictly compliant to the Chanyuan Values can bring their genius into full play, just like birds soaring freely in the expansive sky and the fish swimming and leaping in the boundless ocean. You can move about freely and quickly on the vast flat plains, with no hurdles to slow you down.

Those who are not highly conscious, not civilized and not well-educated and always run counter to the value of Chanyuan will always encounter cliffs and precipices, and brambles. They will be restricted and restrained in words and actions.

In this home, no one will take charge of you, you take charge of yourself. You have your own conscience to pass judgment on what you say and what you do. You set up a court of judgment in your own mind, you yourself are the judge. If you cannot take charge of yourself, penalty will descend upon you anytime.

To be managed by others does not conform to the requirements for a celestial being. In this situation, both the managing and the managed will feel tired and exhausted. Wherever there exists management, there will be conflicts and contradictions, open and veiled struggles, and contention for power and profit. Wherever there exists management, there will be no joy, pleasure, freedom, and happiness. Therefore, there is no management in this home.

In this home between Chanyuan celestials there exist only relations of brothers, sisters, relatives, and lovers, which involve only mutual care and love, mutual help and support, mutual comfort and encouragement. There does not exist the question of who is in charge of whom.

This home is not a political organization, nor a religious organization, nor organization of any form. Since it is not an organization, there is no distinction between the managed and the managing. Each Chanyuan celestial is responsible for the Greatest Creator and for himself or herself, not for others.

Everything here is done by Chanyuan celestial voluntarily. There is not any coercion. Therefore Chanyuan celestials do not owe each other any debt, the home does not owe Chanyuan celestials anything, and Chanyuan celestials do not owe each other anything. Everything is done on a voluntary basis. If you cannot understand this, you had better leave as soon as possible.

All Chanyuan celestials have come to this home for the purpose of achieving the spiritual state of a super celestial being. They have come here to better themselves, they accumulate their own merits and virtues. Do not mind others' business or worry for others, and do not make comparisons between each other.

We know that everything runs according to Tao. "Mills of god grind slowly but surely", "You reap what you have sowed". We ourselves shall be solely responsible for what we say, what we do, and what we get, no one else will be responsible for you. You have no one to blame, because every Chanyuan celestial has thinking and independent consciousness and does everything according to your own free will and consciousness.

In the home there is division of labor, but this division of labor is not forced upon you by anyone. You have willingly accepted it. Anyone has the right to refuse to do something and the right to decide what not to do.

This holographic order of management runs and operates by relying completely on the sincerity, kindness, virtue, love, honesty, and faith of every Chanyuan celestial, by relying completely on the highly voluntary will of every Chanyuan celestial, and completely in accordance with the life pattern of celestial beings in the Thousand-Year World. Only this holographic order of management can create the quality needed by the heavenly kingdom.

Only this holographic order of management can make it possible for different flowers to blossom in a riot of colors, for different geniuses to show their own special skills and feats, for all Chanyuan celestials to bring their talents into full play, and for each Chanyuan celestial to manifest his or her best quality.

This home does not permit the existence of coercion. Anyone who imposes upon others and has incurred harms of spirit, or soul or body to other Chanyuan celestials will face the risk of being expelled from this home at any time.

This home practice the moral value that "I do not offer help if there is no request for it". In the meanwhile, you should try your best to help and respond to every request if any Chanyuan celestial turn to you in the matter of work. However, you have absolute right, if you don't feel like it, to turn down any request in the matter of life, feeling and emotion and do not offer help against your free volition, because feeling and emotion involves tacit understanding and mutual attraction.

It is hoped that all Chanyuan celestials can deeply understand that as long as everyone puts into practice all these principles they will feel the wonder and satisfaction of holographic management. Once you have understood and observed this mode of management, you will enjoy tacit understanding, and you will say how wonderful it is!

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