Truth, Goodness and Beauty - the Core Value of Human Nature
Truth, Goodness and Beauty - the Core Value of Human Nature The Perspective of Human Nature-------- Lifechanyuan Xue Feng The big world in our view is just an art form of truth, goodness and beauty, but the real truth, goodness and beauty is hidden among the dazzling art form. There is nothing strange for a piece of two-dimensional canvas, but after the painting of maestro, this flat canvas can display multi-dimensional space: hovering clouds during daylight, many peaks scattering in different distance, interspersed by the flowing water under the small bridges, people walking and birds flying. All those infuse people with a sense of truth, goodness and beauty which characterized with distant quiet and vast infinite. However, let's take a deeper look and ask whether this is the truth, goodness and beauty? Of course not, it's just an art form, and the real truth, goodness and beauty is hidden in the back of the picture -in the artist's heart and mind. That is to say, the real beauty is hidden under the representation of art, and everything outside is just the external art manifestation of the hidden truth, goodness and beauty. Similarly, people's truth, goodness and beauty is concealed in human nature, and the outward appearance is just the artistic expression of the intrinsic truth, goodness and beauty. We live in a fantasy art world; we flatter ourselves living truly; in fact, we are just some embellishment on the canvas of artists. As the pigment is washed off, the canvas will restore to a monotonous flat surface; after the change of time-space, the "true" of us will restore to our original life status quo, and then make a fresh start to another art form. People have six perceptions as vision, hearing, olfaction, taste, touch, and telegnosis, and the first five perceptions perceive the world by the media of artistic substances. What we perceive are just the external art forms of truth, goodness and beauty, but not their essential characteristics; only the telegnosis is able to surpass the artistic material platform to directly perceive the world of truth, goodness and beauty. -ivysunday(Sunday) 2020-9-26