Ⅰ. The origin of the art form is truth
Ⅰ. The origin of the art form is truth Everything perceived by vision, hearing, olfaction, taste, touch are not truth but an art metamorphosis of it, and the real truth is implied at the origin of this artistic representation in the big world. Joe Smith wrote the word "human" on a blank sheet, and then erased it; what did this process mean? This means that the word "human" on the blank sheet is not true, but a kind of artistic expression originating from the heart of Joe Smith; the real truth is not the word, but Joe Smith - the person; the word "human" will not appear on the blank sheet without the person - Joe Smith; that means as long as Joe Smith exists, even if the word "human" is erased, but there will still be a word "human". Is a flash in the pan true? Of course not, it is just another "human" written on a blank sheet and then being erased; it is just an artistic expression of truth hidden at the origin of epiphyllum and its truth implies in the life structure of this plant. Is human true? Of course not, human is just an artistic expression form in the life structure. Are bacteria, insects, vegetation, birds and animals true? Of course not. They are just different artistic expression forms in the life structure. When we see the light of a lightning, the lightning is no longer in existence; when we look up at the stars at night, among those emitting light stars some of them may have disappeared; when we watch those vivid characters on the video screen, some of the actors may have passed away; when we are complacent of what we own, does it ever occur to you that these things will soon pass out of existence. We live in a virtual reality, and actually what we have seen are all false. Those so-called illusory things, namely the things that the art world tries to express, are true. Visual truth is in line with the scientific and logical deduction, but it is very absurd in the philosophical sense. Standing on a point and going straight ahead, in the end one will unconsciously walk back to the start; its essential effect equals to zero. Human society seems to be developing and moving to a higher stage of civilization; in fact it is retracing its steps, and finally will return to the starting point. Winter passes, and spring comes; until the bumper fall passes, it will be back to winter again. Four seasons continuously cycle one after another: fall is coming and the weather is getting cold, a group of wild geese flying south and this occurs years after years repeatedly. A person, from birth to death and from death to rebirth, one world after another, is always in this way from reincarnation to transmigration; he, walking and walking, seems to be moving forward, but eventually he will return to the starting point. Without the qualitative change, life can only cycle in a strange circle. To avoid moving in circles, we have to focus on truth of life and neglect the art forms of life; to understand truth, we have to be armed with the abnormal thinking. Lifechanyuan begins with the "Abnormal Thinking" in order to guide some people that they should not return to the starting point of life, but should transit to a higher art form of life. People seem like have found truth, but the fact is not; at least we can say that ninety-eight percent of the people just live in the false art world and have never touched the boundary of truth. Suspended on a cliff with a withered vine in hands, a man would instinctively try to climb up and return to the starting point. If I told him, "Let go, let yourself fall". He would think I am non-benevolent. This is the gap between Buddha and a profane man, is also a benchmark to examine the true and false. What is the truth? The origin of art form is the truth. For everything, as long as we strip off the surface and trace the source, we will eventually find out truth. In fact, the Lifechanyuan has revealed truth before the people's visual field of spiritual sense; that truth is the Greatest Creator, and there is only one truth in the universe; that is the Greatest Creator, and except him, all the rest are his artistic expression forms. What we mean by seeking truth is to seek the Greatest Creator. Human beings have sought truth for thousands of years. Except having found the Greatest Creator, Who dare say "I have found truth" yet? To seek truth departing from the Greatest Creator is to make vain efforts, is to deceive oneself and is to set bondage on human beings. Whether philosophers, thinkers, artists, politicians, scientists, religious leaders, or any other person who seek truth departing from the Greatest Creator, all their efforts will be in vain and false, confusing the humanity. Lifechanyuan expounds the Greatest Creator with hundreds of thousands of words in order to reveal truth for human. However, when some people seeking truth get up to "the God in the Bible is not the real Greatest Creator", they are confused. It is difficult for them to accept when their inherent thinking pattern is overturned, and so they wanted to return to the starting point. It's just like a man who hanging from a cliff with a withered vine; he desperately wants to seize the withered vine and unwilling to let it go; as a result, he can not climb up the cliff, nor can he get down on the ground; so he can only swing in the air. "I get a range out of you crosswise but a summit, sidewise; Different visages, from near or far, from low or high." The Bible, The Qur'an and Tao Te Ching, the Buddhist Scriptures, Science, Marxism, Mao Zedong Thought as such can only see either a ridge or a peak, either a distance view or see a close shot; only organically integrating these fragments which are seen from different profiles, we can see a probable panorama of truth. If we just grasp a part of it, and then attack the rest, this is just like the blind men feel an elephant, which can only leave us far from truth. To seek truth and preserve truth is completely different from playing the concept game or moralization; it involves the life trend of each person. The water without a source is bound to dry up; a tree without root is bound to corrupt; the heart without soul is bound to die; a man without telegnosis is bound to transmigrate in a fixed circle again and again. Truth is the key elements in the core value of human nature. Without truth, the person will be short of human nature. A man can not have a perfect human nature if he does not have the Greatest Creator in his mind because his brutish nature may break out at any time to harm others and nature. Is it possible to have a good future if a man is without human nature? It is just a day dream! Someone will inevitably argue: "The ideas of Xuefeng are all rubbish, nonsense and fart because some senior officials and millionaires never worship the Greatest Creator but live a more elegant and pleasant life than those who worship the Greatest Creator". That is right. There are a lot things in this world that can be easily mixed the false with the genuine, but we have to understand: the smaller the specific gravity, the easier of floating and fluttering; for a plant, the faster of growing, the shorter of life span; the smaller of energy, the easier of taking shape; the more of the gain, the greater of the loss, the more enjoyment in this life, the more miserable in afterlife. We often praise that the masterwork of art is very life-like, but we never say that the masterwork of art is truth, because art is just a metamorphosis of truth. We praise all the scientific achievements are very close to truth, but we never dare to say that scientists have found truth, because science is just one way to seek truth. We praise some people are immortals, saints, but we definitely dare not say that they are the embodiment of truth, because the component part of maintaining truth and safeguarding truth in their humanity is just a little more than that in the common people's. Is everything we can see real? For an instant the discrepancy has been more than one hundred thousand miles; everything has changed in a blink; is it true? Truth is invariable, and the variant is not truth. It's better for us to put more component part of truth in our human nature. -ivysunday(Sunday) 2020-9-27