Ⅲ. The harmony, proportion, collocation and symmetry of art forms are beauty
Ⅲ. The harmony, proportion, collocation and symmetry of art forms are beauty The art form of nature (including human) is designed by the Greatest Creator in light of the law of beauty. The law of beauty is the harmony, proportion, collocation and symmetry, and everything from the configuration of the celestial bodies to the outward appearances of plants, from the crystal structure to the different shapes of animals, from thick and thin of color to the light and shade of light embodies the harmony, proportion, collocation and symmetry, gives an infinite beauty for visual sense. What the sense of beauty brings people are comfort, safety, happiness, joy, delight , tranquility and peace, but the forms being unsuitable to the sense of beauty bring people with nausea, anabole, dizziness, anxiety, anxiousness, depressing, worry and terror. The towering cliffs, tilted building, disabled body, grotesque objects, farfetched environmental layout, drawings and sculptures composed by unmatched proportion, strange sounds and music without any melody, the dyed yin and yang head of young people and clothing with asymmetric patterns on left and right sides, etc. make people fretful and uncomfortable. Graceful art form and environment endows life with longevity, but the ungraceful art form and environment makes life short and even leads to suicide. In view of human society, a charitable king, the high efficient government agencies with few but good staff, the management mechanism with a pyramid model will impress a sense of beauty on people; however, a management mechanism with tripartite balance of forces, overstaffed organization, inefficient work, no one in charge and interference of many other departments can only give people a sense of chaos, disorder, blindness, depression and sense of foreboding. In view of families - the cell of society, showing respect for the aged and love for the young, the harmonious couples, elders and juniors each in their places, female co-ordination, friendly neighborhood and self-effacing for siblings will bring people with the beautiful sense of tranquility and peace; however, the families characterizing with the insatiable senior, irreverent junior, weak male, strong female, hostile neighborhood, suspicious and vengeful brothers and sisters bring people with a sense of foul atmosphere, incomprehension, reversion of yin and yang and disarrangement. In view of the human individual, a man with proud temper, rash character, bad fortune and poor wisdom prefers seeking quick success and instant benefits, but he always conspires a great cause; a man speaks rudely, stirs up enmity and is not good at his own job, but he always makes random comments on others; a man ignores his proper occupation, but he always wants to incite and abets others so as to start a campaign; a man always gives up halfway, sticks to his guns, worships nothing, changes by day after day and seldom reflects on himself, but he always blames that others' life proportion is inharmonious, asymmetric and short of beauty. The advanced state of people's ideological level is the state of supreme goodness and supreme beauty. What they called saints refer to the people whose the ideological level have reached the ultimate state of goodness and beauty. We can always tell the dignity and humbleness of a man's soul depending on the proportion of the goodness and beauty that his whole human nature occupied. The appreciation and pursuit of beauty is the eternal and maximum driving force to promote human to move on towards the civilization. In order to seek the sense of beauty, some scientists, artists, philosophers, thinkers, writers and religionists begin their active learning, exploring and progressing. It is absolutely not simply to gain the powers and material benefits that they are engaged in their careers. The beauty of all is added by the Greatest Creator. To safeguard the beauty is the bounden duty for the Gods and the Buddha, the ideal and pursuit for the saint, the sage and the wise men, wishes for the ordinary people. Beauty is one of the core values of human nature; only when beauty is in human nature, can the lives bloom brilliant flowers and bear rich fruit; if a person abandons the beauty, his life would wither, and his life journey would be calamitous. Wish everyone has beautiful human nature. -ivysunday(Sunday) 2020-9-28