Ⅳ. endurance

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Ⅳ. endurance

A blade on heart forms the Chinese character of forbearance, which is a way of humiliatingly seeking the existence in a desperation state. The Greatest Creator does not require us to live disgracefully. If we regard forbearance as an excellent quality of human nature, we would have completely departed from the principle that of well- being which is to say we have given up the freedom and human rights and we just serve as the role of cattle, horses, pigs and dogs.

Simply asking people to endure is the smoke ball released by the autocratic power and robbers in order to maintain their own vested interests and is the poison alluring people to commit suicide. If we break down the forbearance into suffering, tolerance and enduring humiliation in order to carry out an important task, which appear in the humility and reconciliation, in the pursuit of truth and in the devotion of cause, that is the symbol of goodness and beauty; but if we submit to humiliation, bear our shame and ignore it pitilessly in order to survive, we will indeed become a symbol of cattle, pigs and dogs.

I often queue up at oversea. If someone wants to cut in line, others would scold and stop him immediately; in this way everyone stands in line with a good order. But in China, if someone (especially a big guy with a frightening face) cuts in the line, few people would stand out to stop him. Why does this happen? For people have learnt to forbear and learnt to survive disgracefully.

In order to survive disgracefully, and many Chinese people have played the forbearance to its extreme: they are indifferent to hooligans molesting women on the street, the evil hand of the thief reaching into the pockets of others, those evil factory owner discharging toxic water into the river, watching the selfish lazy person to brazenly dump the rubbish in public places, seeing the people's asset entering the private pockets in disguised form, seeing a bully under the protection of a powerful person insulting the weak, seeing the merchants who are obsessed with money manufacturing the toxic food, seeing the marketing fake products, seeing……People do not feel ashamed about all those things. They endure the sufferings and have self-improved and owned some profound forbearing intension. So human nature has forfeited, and everyone has become the dignified monks who seem to be otherworldly.

Comrades, my fellow citizens and church members: Please, forbear it! To forbear it forever; to forbear it until the ground and the sky are reversed; to forbear it until the right and wrong are confounded; to forbear it until the ghosts and monsters are rampant; to forbear it until the Goblins in the Pantry; to forbear it until the sun and the moon are dimmed; to forbear it until the seas run dry and the rocks crumble; to forbear it until one is put in a coffin and sent to crematorium, until all our free and nice human life being buried by ourselves.

The famous dictum of the universe is truth, goodness and beauty, in which I do not find the forbearance. Tao is running strictly according to the law of life. Going against the Tao, one is certain to be punished severely, whereas, following the Tao, one is bound to be rewarded. The Greatest Creator will definitely not prefer forbearance; neither will the Gods nor the Buddha. Forbearance is the violation and desecration of life, is the rebellion and destruction of human nature.

Shall we continue to forbear?
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