Please Be Honest
Please Be Honest Xue Feng Jesus Christ told us, "You should call a spade a spade instead of beating about the bush, it is evil to say anything untrue." Honesty is the best policy. Honesty is the most solid steps that lead to the heavenly kingdom. You must be honest, and avoid lying and cheating. "Just tell thing as it truly is, and say yes to mean yes and say no to mean no". You should act and think in the same way, you should be consistent in words and actions. You should not engage in double dealing. Honesty is the quality of celestial beings and angels of citizens in the heavenly kingdom, lying is the quality of monsters, demons, goblins and devils of citizens in hell. "There are gods and deities just three feet above our heads", "Even whispers in human world can be as sonorous as thunder to heaven, and even cheating in the dark chamber are clearly visible to magical eyes." Please keep in mind that gods and deities can pierce all your mental activities. A clever person may fall victim to his own cleverness. Any person who resort to cheating may eventually become the victim of cheating. In this home of ours, we must be honest to the guide. The more honest we are, the greater benefit we will have, the less honest we are, the greater losses we will suffer. If you tell a lie, I can see most clearly, no matter how good a disguise you have put on. Even if you have temporarily hoodwinked me, you will be exposed very soon and I will see through you. When I know that you are a dishonest soul, you are already worthless in my heart. If you cheat me, I will also cheat you, and I will treat you in the same way as you have treated me. When you are extremely pleased with the thought that the guide does not know he has been hoodwinked by your blandishments, I can actually see clearly through all your trickery but just feign foolishness and let you display your smartness. Eventually, the fool is not the guide but you who think you are the cleverest. The honest person is the most intelligent, the dishonest person is the most foolish. We should not beat about the bush, we should seek truth from fact and tell thing as it really is. The honest people may suffer temporary losses but will eventually be richly rewarded; the dishonest people may be pleased with temporary success but will ultimately be dealt with severe punishment. "Be honest to an honest person, be dishonest to a dishonest person”. But keep in mind, we should be most honest to the Greatest Creator! We must be most honest to god, Buddha, celestial and sages! We must be most honest to our superior! We must be most honest to the guide of life and LIFE! 2011/2/8 -ivysunday(Sunday) 2020-10-6