Light the Sacred Lamp in Your Heart
Light the Sacred Lamp in Your Heart Xuefeng (Translated by Conglong and Edited by Kaer) We can face problems or stumble into traps when we walk in the dark. More seriously, we could take a wrong turn and be lead away from our destination. It is only when we walk in the sunlight or shine a lamp to brighten our way that we are able to reach our destination, one step at a time. As cultivators, we must first learn where we want to go. Then, we need to follow this path and not be distracted or mislead by anything along the way. We need to discard anything that hinders us from moving forward because if we are attached to something we own or are unwilling to surrender things that are unnecessary, our trip would be delayed or end prematurely. We would never reach our destination, and the result of such poor cultivation would be that all our energy and effort are wasted. The two objectives for the cultivation of a Chanyuan Celestial are very clear: the first is to lead a happy, joyful, free, and blessed life, and the second is to extend their LIFE to heaven: Thousand Year World, Ten Thousand Year World, and Elysium World. The only way to reach these goals is to initiate a new era for humankind where, “the talented will be put to good use and the whole world will be one family”, “no one would pocket anything found on the ground and doors are not bolted at night”, and everything is in harmony and the weather is very pleasant. This is also an era when all citizens of the earth will enjoy happiness and freedom. What we do to realize this dream is embodied in the building of the Lifechanyuan cause, especially the Second Home (now New Oasis for Life). In short, helping to build Lifechanyuan is the best way to self-cultivate. “The difficult problems of the world must be dealt with while they are yet easy; the great problems of the world must be dealt with while they are yet small”. If we do not focus our efforts on small things, we will not be able to realize our beautiful dreams, and if we do not combine theory with practice or if we say one thing but do another, we will only be cheating ourselves and others. That is the trick of the wicked. We need to light the sacred lamp in our hearts, otherwise, where and how should we go? How do we light the lamp? Trust in the Greatest Creator. Trust Jesus Christ, Buddha Sakyamuni, Lao Tzu and Prophet Muhammad. Trust reality, science, logic, and your spiritual perception. Trust the road map given by the spiritual guide, Xuefeng. If we do not have the above trusts, we are not lighting the sacred lamp in our hearts. Whoever finds it too difficult to embrace these trusts is suggested not to apply for a Chanyuan Celestial. Whoever is one is invited to surrender their title and follow what they feel is a better, more suitable path. Do not waste your precious time and the energy of the Second Home. Be very clear about what you want. “The Sage embraces the One and becomes the model of the world”. We will not desire everything and be greedy; we will not want both a raincoat and an umbrella. We will not live a new life while still wanting to keep a traditional lifestyle and we will not have everything while still possessing personal property or any person. We shall not walk on the Way of the Greatest Creator while still straddling onto other paths. “Clever people may be victims of their own cleverness”. One who does not listen to the teachings of Jesus Christ will not reach the Kingdom of the Greatest Creator and those who do not listen to the teachings of Buddha Sakyamuni will never reach Elysium World. Anyone who does not listen to the teachings of Lao Tzu will not evolve into a Celestial and those who do not walk according to the road map of the spiritual guide will not get to Thousand Year Word, Ten Thousand Year World, or the Celestial Islands Continent - part of the Elysium World. Listen or do not listen? Follow or do not follow? Everyone is responsible for their own future. Jan 10, 2011 -ivysunday(Sunday) 2020-10-7