Chanyuan Celestials must Learn to Forgive Others
Chanyuan Celestials must Learn to Forgive Others Xuefeng (Translated by Conglong) In heaven, there is no hatred, one who carries hatred can never go to heaven. I came from the lowest space of heaven – Thousand-year world, where hatred doesn’t exist; there are only happiness, joy, and freedom. “The fungus plant of a morning knows not the alternation of day and night. The cicada knows not the alternation of spring and autumn”. Our lives are so short, one hundred years pass like a moment; we don’t even have enough time to pursue happiness, joy,and freedom, why should we waste our precious time on anger and hatred. We have established the Second Home (now New Oasis for Life), which is the transfer station from the earth to heaven. Everything in the Second Home will be copied and practised according to the life in Thousand-year world. Those who have lived in the Second Home for quite long time have more or less experienced the beauty of heaven. I told everyone by fact that as long as you follow my “map to heaven”, you will not only get at Thousand-year world one day; you can go further to “Ten-thousand-year world” and the “Elysium world”. You must forgive others, which is the minimum requirement to enter heaven. Nobody is perfect, we ourselves are not perfect. Therefore, we could not avoid hurting others or being hurt in our lifetime. If we think from other people’s perspective, and feel for them, and as long as we treat others with sincerity and we forgive others, the door of heaven will be open for us. Do not take the past to your heart, which will merely consume your energy and precious time, it is not worthy to fuss over other people’s imperfection. Even if you take revenge, it is just a satisfaction of your vanity, which is no value and use to your LIFE quality and its sublimation. So please do not try to be a hero because that will damage your spiritual growth, and you will be looked down by others. If you take revenge, that means you are very mean and narrow-minded, and will not be able to get well along with others. If you forgive others, I will also forgive you. If you cannot “love your enemy”, at least you should not hate your enemy, if you cannot get well along with your “enemy”, at least there should be no fight. Please forgive others, and all those who have hurt us. You can have a try, if you forgive them from the deep of your heart, you will be brightened up and have a clear mind, and the road forward will be much broader and you will have more beautiful future. So please listen to me; this is also the teaching of Jesus Christ and Buddha Sakyamuni. You will benefit a lot from forgiveness, which has been proved by many facts and my own experiences. Written by Xuefeng on Mar 25 2011 -ivysunday(Sunday) 2020-10-9