Cultivate Telepathy
Cultivate Telepathy Xue Feng Mom's voice is most pleasing, and most secure. Mom's will bring us safety, comfort, peace, luck, consolation, and hope. Babies know the voices of their mothers without thinking, because they are capable of telepathy. Lying in the arms of Jesus is like lying in the arms of our mothers, and we need telepathy to feel all this. Holding the hand of Buddha Sakyamuni is like holding the hand of mother, because we know that the kind and merciful Buddha will lead us to happiness instead of evil. We need telepathy to feel all this. Following the prophet Mohamed is like following our own others, because he will risk his own life to fight against devils and help us. We need telepathy to feel all this. Listening to the teachings of Lao Tze is like listening to the whispering of our mothers, because he is imparting wisdom to us and nurturing us. We need telepathy to feel all this. The universe is of Taiji structure. The sum of positive and negative energies is zero. Therefore, the power of good, however tremendous it might be, is counterbalanced by the power of evil. The acting force is equal to the reaction force, but the two forces run counter to each other in the same straight line. The greater your determination to find a way to the heavenly kingdom, the larger resistance you will encounter. You must be vigilant against the wise people or people practicing magical arts, because they are probably the mouthpiece for devils. You must watch out for people capable of communicating with psychic energy, because they will confuse your soul and bring you into a puzzling and chaotic world. You must beware of those who speak insolently, because they are sons and grandsons of devils. You must keep a distance from this consumed by jealousy, because they have an ugly soul. Do not wallow in the mire with evil persons, because they will pollute your souls and ultimately destroy your life. Do not allow yourself to be led by the nose as to what is good and what is bad, you must depend on your telepathy. 2007-3-24 -ivysunday(Sunday) 2020-10-9