Expand the Space of Hope and Happiness

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Expand the Space of Hope and Happiness


(Translated by Conglong and edited by Kaer)

When one’s hope quenches, they will be in despair. Once one is in despair, a life of joy and happiness also goes away.

One mother put all her hopes on her only son. Unfortunately, one day he had a car accident and died and she was in despair.

She was not so depressed and transferred all her hopes onto her other son. Unfortunately, when she was getting old, the other son died of an illness and so she too was sad and in deep despair. A third mother raised six children, and when she became old, none of her children were willing to take care of her, and so she was also in the depths of despair.

A nun who went from Europe to Africa never stopped adopting orphans. Wherever she goes, she always has about twenty children around her, so she never suffers from despair.

When one is alone and friendless, it is easy for them to become depressed and in despair, but why will you become alone and friendless when the world is so big and there are so many people? Who has caused you to be alone and friendless? It is yourself and your narrow-mindedness.

When we put all our hopes on marriage and a traditional family, once it breaks apart and we separate from our family members, we are doomed to suffer loneliness. However, if we do not put our hopes on marriage and a traditional family, but on trust in the Greatest Creator, the wellbeing of humanity, and the way towards paradise, will we still feel lonely?

Therefore, loneliness and despair are not issues of reality, but issues of one’s consciousness. One who is narrow-minded, selfish, and only treat his or her blood kin as family, and one who is only put his or her hopes on a small range of people will most definitely suffer from loneliness and despair.

The intention of getting married is also a misdirection of in thinking. The thought and behaviour that put your happiness and wellbeing on a particular man or a woman will certainly cause you misery when that person leaves or “betrays” you.

Please expand your space of hope and find more kin and close friends!

Written by Xuefeng on Mar 04, 2011
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