Conscience, the Mark of the Deficiency of Conscience
Conscience, the Mark of the Deficiency of Conscience Xue Feng Good conscience, as is suggested by its name, means a kind heart. Man is distinguished from birds and beasts in that man has a conscience. Without a conscience, a man is no different from birds and beasts. The real connotation of conscience: an invisible self-disciplinary moral court rooted by the Greatest Creator in the LIFE structure of man to enable man to congenitally distinguish between right and wrong and good and evil. Conscience is the natural attributes possessed by man. Like the eyes of a person, conscience has nothing to do with a person's position, fame, property, appearance, age, gender, knowledge and wisdom. Conscience is a natural norm to maintain the harmony between man and god, man and nature, man and society, and man and man. Once conscience is absent, there will occur a series of conflicts and contradictions between man and god, man and nature, man and society, and man and man. Whether a person has a good conscience or not will decide whether he has a good quality and taste. Conscience is an extension of nature of origin, which neither grows nor dies, neither defiles nor purifies, and neither increases nor decreases, and which has no perception and thinking, no eyes, ears, nose, tongue, body and ideas, no color, sound, fragrance, tastes, and touch, no outlook and accordingly no consciousness, no ignorance and no end of ignorance, no death, and no end of death, no destruction of Tao, no wisdom and no gain. With the conscience, there will be birth and death, filth and cleanness, increase and decease, perception and thinking, eyes, ears, nose, tongue, body and ideas, color, sound, fragrance, tastes, and touch, outlook and accordingly consciousness, ignorance and end of ignorance, death, and end of death, destruction of Tao, wisdom and gain. This is comparable to water, which has the same attribute all over the world, but will take on the attributes of solid, liquid and gas when temperature changes. Conscience is an attribute rooted in the nonmaterial structure of LIFE. Different LIFE forms have different attributes, the nature of man is originally the same, however, because of the difference in social environment and mechanism, and the different sources of man, man and man are distinguished from each other in the different degrees of goodness of conscience. This is like a tree, some of its leaves are covered with dirt and thus could not take on their own colors, while other leaves are clean and thus can show their true colors. Conscience is a person's self-disciplinary moral court, which exercises restrictions over his or her actions and words. Without the restrictions of this self-disciplinary moral court, the person may act willfully and stop at no evil, will act in a foolhardy manner and disregard justice, will swell in selfish desire and disregard reason, and will hurt nature and others by hook and crook. Guilty feeling has its source in conscience. Guilty feeling is the shame complex resulting from failure in a suit of self trial in the self-disciplinary moral court. Without the trial of conscience, the self-disciplinary moral court, man will never have a guilty feeling. If everyone has a good conscience, all the constitutions, laws, statutes and regulations, and rules and commandments prescribed by the society will only be superfluous. Since some people do not have a good conscience, the society has no choice but to lay down constitutions, laws, statutes and regulations, and rules and commandments to exercise restrictions, and the society has no choice but to establish visible courts to exercise judgment of people's behavior. Perfect conscience is the symbol of a person's pure and beautiful soul. Since the structures of LIFE forms at different order of LIFE are different, whether a person has a perfect or deficient conscience can predict the future direction of this person's LIFE. A person with a perfect conscience will undoubtedly walk toward the heavenly kingdom, and a person whose conscience is deficient will most surely walk toward the lower order of LIFE, for example, the animal world or hell. Keep a good conscience and you will be infinitely blessed. The symbols of deficient conscience The following phenomena are the symbols of a deficient conscience. 1. Insult and maltreat parents 2. Desecrate the Greatest Creator, god and Buddhas 3.Cause scourge to people's mind in the name of the Greatest Creator, god, Buddha and spirit 4. Insult ancestors 5.Abandon underaged children 6.Requite kindness with enmity 7.Insult and attack teachers, and masters 8.Punish one's own relations 9.Do not keep promises and contracts 10. Pollute the earth, the air, the river, the lake and the sea 11.Randomly fell trees and destroy grass and flowers 12.Randomly maltreat and slaughter animals 13.Cause damage to a developing embryo, destroy a bird's nest and a beast's den, and unearth other people's ancestral tombs. 14.Plunder other's property 15.Steal, pilfer, rob, rape, oppress, exploit, blackmail other people, take advantage of other's precarious position, corrupt and accept bribes 16.Extravagance and luxury 17.Intrusion into private residence, forced and unauthorized entrance into private space 18.Destroy other's homestead 19.Lynching 20.Lie, deceive, and swindle and bluff 21.Launch indecent assault against children and entice children 22.Make and sell fake medicine and food 23.Plagiarize other's achievements 24.Disseminate superstition, damage other's property, propagate monster and demons, poison souls 25.Make colossal profit 26.Give short measure and take substandard products as fine products 27.Bully those who have no kin and cannot support themselves 28.Instigate and abet others to contend, struggle and rob 29.Take away other people's favorite objects 30.Purposely sabotage public property 31.Force the good person into prostitution and shift the misfortune into others 32.Help a villain do evil, chuck one's weight about 33.Make false testimony 34.Expose other's privacy 35.Restrict, hinder, and deprive other's personal freedom 36.Laziness and greed 37.Secretly stab the back 38.Employ artful trickery to appropriate other people's properties Conscience is the touchstone to test whether a person has a perfect soul, a watershed to test the fruits a person has achieved in self-refinery and self-cultivation, and the best proof to predict whether a person is entitled to walk toward the heavenly kingdom. Keep a good conscience and you will be infinitely blessed, abandon the good conscience and you will be plagued with disasters. 2010/3/19 -ivysunday(Sunday) 2020-10-13