Face the Reality
Face the Reality Xuefeng (Translated by Conglong and Edited by Kaer) Are you suffering? Do you have troubles, worries, and fears? Do you want to get away from your sufferings and go to a place which provides you with freedom and happiness? If the answer is yes, let me tell you a way which can end your sufferings and lead you to heaven: Face the Reality. What is "Facing the Reality"? That is to aware that we are imperfect, all our sufferings are due to imperfections in ourselves. The world is not wrong, but we are wrong. There is not a single soul in the universe that is treated unjustly. We need to be honest with ourselves and face our imperfections. If we are not happy, we must find the reason within, and not complain about other people and society. It is very easy to find excuses for ourselves and condemn others, but if you do so, you sufferings will never end. One who never admits his imperfections, and always blame others when having troubles and pains will never get real happiness, joy, freedom and blessings, and he will never reach heaven either. I have witnessed all misfortunes throughout the world and have carefully observed and thought about the sufferings of humanity, I have therefore concluded that the root causes of all tragedies are ourselves. What is even worse is that we are not willing to face the truth and admit that we have flaws. Instead, we complain and point our finger at others. This kind of life is too hypocritical, too unreal, too superficial, and too unfortunate. Avoid the reality and do not face yourself honestly, your sufferings will never end. Written by Xuefeng on Sept 24, 2010 -ivysunday(Sunday) 2020-10-21