Daily Prayer for Celestials Settling in the New Oasis of Life

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Daily Prayer for Celestials Settling in the New Oasis of Life


December 16, 2009

(Translated by Treasure and Edited by Kaer)

Supreme Leader of the Universe:

Allah, Ancestor of Buddha, Greatest Creator, Jehova:

Thank you for creating the unprecedented New Oasis for Life for us: the transfer station from the mortal world to the kingdom of heaven; a copy of the Thousand-year world of heaven on earth; a new mode of life for humanity in future; and the base of self-improvement and self-cultivation for me to be reborn and become a Super Celestial Being. It was through your grace that I was allowed to join the New Oasis for Life; I will cherish this rare opportunity that is difficult to find across thousands of years and will devote all of my body, soul, spirit, and will power to it, and strive to achieve a phoenix nirvana and to accomplish the spiritual state of immortality.

Once starting this journey to the kingdom of heaven, I will proceed without hesitation, never falter, and never stop advancing forward until my ultimate goal is reached. I pray for your constant surveillance, protection, and blessing, and that you will constantly guide me to overcome all difficulties to realize my long-cherished dream.

1. In the New Oasis for Life, I will regard all celestials as family members and overcome jealousy, complaining, fickleness, and hypocrisy; bring my qualities of sincerity, kindness, beauty, love, faith, and honesty into full play; strive to bring joy, happiness, freedom, and blessings to all my beloved relatives in our homeland; never argue, compete, rob, or fight for anything; and be the first to bear hardship but the last to enjoy fruition. My thoughts will match my words and my words and deeds will be consistent.

2. In the New Oasis for Life, I will work hard every day and never shirk my duty or get slack, will not blunder or be crazy, will not compare myself to others or fuss with them, will keep dedication first and comfort last, will strive for first-class perfection in everything, will lead a thrifty and simple life with neither waste nor extravagance, and will avoid greed, grumbling, and complaining.

3. In the New Oasis for Life, I will gradually achieve the state of possessing nothing, dedicating everything to the Oasis, which is the most magnificent career of humanity, regarding the Oasis as my LIFE, and as all that I have, and will align my greatest ideals and wishes to those of the Oasis. I will strive to make the Oasis more and more perfect and to prosper gradually with my efforts.

4. In the New Oasis for Life, I will blend my individuality into commonness, endeavor to conquer and abandon my idiosyncrasies and bad hobbies that contradict the commonness of the oasis and reject them all, but keep and develop my individuality that is consistent with the commonness of the oasis; I will be an exotic and distinctive flower in the garden of the oasis, sending out my own unique fragrance.

5. In the New Oasis for Life, I will maintain the "800 Values for New Era Human Beings" and devote myself to a new life with new values, a new outlook on life and LIFE, and a new world view; abandon old ideas, accept new ones, improve myself as a new human being, act from my own behavior and do my little bit to help, and dedicate selflessly for the whole of humanity entering into the Lifechanyuan Era.

6. In the New Oasis for Life, I will follow the teachings of Jesus Christ, Buddha Sakyamuni, Celestial Lao Tzu, and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and learn the lessons of the saints and sages of humanity throughout the ages with an open mind, endeavor to perfect my own qualities, and strive to become a high-quality member with lofty ideals, good self-cultivation, great literacy, and high moral character. I will enrich my connotation, behave elegantly, and talk culturally in order to devote myself wholeheartedly to serve the kind, diligent, honest, and trustworthy masses in the world all my life with the wisdom of Buddha Sakyamuni and the sentiments of Guanyin Bodhisattva, and give all that I can until my heart ceases to beat.

7. In the New Oasis for Life, I will regard myself as an ordinary celestial, fulfil my duties, do what I should do, never be arrogant or haughty or gain notoriety with shocking statements or gain anything by trickery, but conduct myself in a down-to-earth way, move forward in gradual steps, remain realistic and honest, suppress neither myself nor others, never try to impose my own views or opinions on others, strive to make not only myself but also every other celestial happy, joyous, free, and blessed at all times, and never bring any mental, spiritual, or physical harm to others from my words, actions, or behavior.

8. In the New Oasis for Life, I will do my best to bring my qualities of sincerity, kindness, beauty, love, faith, and honesty into full play, maintain these beliefs under all hardships, always treat everyone with a positive and optimistic attitude, never pollute another's spirit or soul with pessimistic or negative moods, and make efforts to create a harmonious, peaceful, warm, and pleasing atmosphere, and calm and gentle surroundings in the oasis.

Dear Ancestor of Buddha, Greatest Creator:

I will meditate on the revelations that you reveal to me through everything in nature every day and will follow your will of creating, take things as they are, associate with others by following predestined relationships, act in accordance with my nature, and take advantage of opportunities as they arise. I will reflect on myself, not blame or criticize others, be grateful for everything without complaints in my heart, live my life by conforming to nature while never desiring oddities, concentrate on improving my consciousness without pursuing supernatural powers, enrich my understanding without pursuing illusory forms, and adhere to facts, science, logic, and spiritual perception without superstition, blind obedience, belief in nonsense, or praise for high talk.

Reverential Ancestor of Buddha, Greatest Creator:

I trust in you fully and never doubt you. I am willing to take your way firmly, place my life in your hands, accept your guidance and dispatches, live every day's life full of enthusiasm and vitality, and be your favorite little baby. I pray for you to guide me, encourage me, and give me courage and energy constantly that I might overcome all difficulties, accumulate merits and virtues, and finally reach your back garden: the Elysium Celestial Islands Continent.

Grandpa Greatest Creator!

May your will be manifested unimpededly throughout all time and space!

I pray for you to fulfil my wishes in the name of Jesus Christ and Buddha Sakyamuni,

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