People in the Second Home (now New Oasis for Life)Shall Dance with Dawn

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People in the Second Home (now New Oasis for Life)Shall Dance with Dawn
Xue Feng

Dawn represents the advent of a new day. Yesterday, be it sunny or gloomy, has been chased away by the dawn of today. “Getting up at dawn” has been a precept since ancient times. When the first rays of the morning sun appear on the horizon, a new day and a new self are born. By welcoming the dawn and dancing with dawn, we will begin another wonderful day and the wonderful life.

In the past 19 years, I have been living in a world of twittering birds and fragrant flowers, where the weather is spring all the year around. Every day, when birds start chirping, I will get up full of joy and confidence. Getting up early makes people feel refreshed and exhilarated. I know a person who gets up at the flush of dawn and dances with the rising sun is bound to have a beautiful life and future.

I have continued my habit in the Second Home. During the half year since the establishment of the 4th branch, dozens of Chanyuan celestials have all been dancing with the dawn. At seven in the morning, people are beginning a day’s diligent work. The home is changing every day. It is becoming more and more beautiful and more and more plentiful.

Recently, when I walk out my room at seven in the morning, the sisters and brothers in the 3rd subunit have already begun their labor. When I enter the courtyard, four sisters are doing the cleaning. Some are watering the flowers and grass, three brothers are attending to the vegetables in the field, people working in the kitchen have prepared boiled water, the sister that feed chickens and ducks are feeding the chickens and ducks and collecting eggs. The sister that take charge of laundering are drying clothes on lines. More than a dozen sisters and brothers engaged in the expansion of the Home have begun the onerous work. Sisters responsible for network are entering the website and beginning the building of spirit and soul. I stroll in the courtyard, feeling the air extremely refreshing. The home is full of youthful spirit, vigor and vitality.

In the Home, people who get up later than seven are regarded as lazy.

There are no holidays and festivals or weekends in the Home, because dawn always comes unfailingly. The sun never has holidays, festivals or weekends and Sundays. Since we are following the way of nature, we should abide by the rhythm of nature, getting up day after day and year after year at the rising of the sun and finishing working at the setting of the sun.

We Chanyuan celestials do not pursue magical arts, theurgy, or special skills, and do not seek shortcuts. We are the most ordinary and commonplace people under heaven. All our pursuit of happiness depends on the favor of the Greatest Creator in the macroscopic level and on our own persistent creation in the microscopic level. We do not bet on stocks, we do not engage in trade, we do not rely on earning surplus value of other people, we do not rely on exploitation and oppression, we do not resort to speculation, we do not deal in selling and buying, we do not harangue, and we do not make research into magical arts. We work hard and create our ideal future with our own hands. We must therefore dance with dawn.

Early morning is beautiful. Dawn is hope. There is dawn every day. As long as we dance with dawn every day, we shall not worry about any aspects of our life, and we are bound to have a splendid future.

Dear sisters, brothers, relatives, and lovers, let’s dance with dawn. Let’s get up before seven every day. As long as every one of us can persist in this habit, we are bound to lead a happy, pleasant, free and blessed life, and we are bound to march toward the Thousand-Year World, Ten Thousand-Year World, and Celestial Island Continent of the Elysium World.

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