You must Come From Heaven

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You must Come From Heaven

(Translated by Conglong)

You smile and talk gently as white clouds from above

You walk quietly as the swinging willow

You are sweet as the spring water

Clean and pure

Your love is transparent and pure

flows with fragrance

Your affections are sincere as the lasting spring

Green lands all year round

You kiss freely because you come from heaven

You must come from heaven because you are born of love

You are here only for love and affection

You have come a long way to share love

It is the gentle breeze and the dancing bamboo

Climb to the summit of a hill and my eyes see it

Walk into the valley and my ears hear it

Seeing you, I see flowers and birds

Hearing you, I hear clear spring water in the mountains

Beauty is everywhere

It is all you

You fill my heart with endless joy

You are the source of greatness

I met you in heaven, unforgettable that you are

Like a bee fluttering in a sea of flowers

Life is so beautiful, because of your fragrance

LIFE is so brilliant, because I am nurtured by your love

No more wandering, let us return to the faraway place

No more hesitation

Hand in hand, let us return home:

– Heaven –

***Written by Xuefeng on Mar 01 2012***
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