Attachment to the Second Home (now New Oasis for Life)

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Attachment to the Second Home (now New Oasis for Life)

The Second Home, a paradise on earth, where angels gather and soar freely

A peaceful life in the fairyland, with green mountains and blue waters, and clear sky

Far from the bustling world, free of worries, and happy, free and merry every day

without earthly relations, without care and worry, with beauty and pleasure


without disputes and obstacles, the life is free and easy

All is comfort, peace, auspiciousness, and pleasure

It is like the heavenly kingdom

All fairies in the home are elegant

with endless charms like a dream

with noble character like precious flowers

with rich connotations and light heart

All faeries are handsome

as learned as the master strategist Zhu Geliang

Civilized in speech and behavior

with great love and gentle feeling

The home is a beautiful picture

with precious plants and rare flowers

the maple bridge, the blue waves, the red flowers and green willows

The boats sailing on the lakes make endless ripples, the emerald peaks extend to the distant horizon

There is wafting fragrance, sparse shades, beautiful flowers, splendid sunshine, and the fragrant path leads to dense groves of flowers and bamboo

The swallows flit to and fro in pairs, the elegant orioles are perched

together, the cranes and swans are singing

In the moonlit night, melodious music is played, expressing endless love,

and attachment to the Second Home

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