Be Always Grateful--the Culture Building of the Second Home (now New Oasis for Life) Part 2

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Gratitude is the primary element for the sublimation of the quality of LIFE. To become Chanyuan celestial, one must be grateful; to enter the Second Home, one must be grateful. How can one not be grateful for escaping the programme of the secular world and enjoying the great pleasure of life in the Second Home ?

What else do we want? the Second Home takes charge of our food, clothing, shelter, transportation, living, aging, illness, and health, and we need not toil and worry about supporting the old and raising the young. Our work is simple, and we need not be overloaded with trifles. With a lot of sisters, brothers, and lovers, we are no longer lonely and solitary; with free and open love, we are no longer depressed, melancholy, and distressed. Since we have achieved the state of having nothing and at the same time possessing everything, we need no longer worry about possession; since we have the stage to fully exhibit our personality and talent, we no longer need to fear that our talent will not be put to good use; since we are far away from the secular world, we no longer feel anxious about the intrigue, scheming and cheating between each other; since we have our guide to lead us, we need not worry about the future of our LIFE......What else do we want?

Man should not be greedy. Do you think there is an end to it if you still feel unsatisfied when living in such a cultural atmosphere and environment, still feel that you have not treated yourself fairly, still dislike this or that, still make endless complaints, and find faults with everything?

Without a sense of gratitude, you will have an unsatiable desire, you will feel unsatisfied, you will grumble with complaints, you will make trouble, you will become lazy, you will be fastidious, you will have a bee in your bonnet, you will feel only you are capable, you will feel others owe you a lot, you will complain and find faults, you will try to control and hold others in sway, you will stir up trouble and sow discord between people, you will hurt others in words, you will cause endless trouble and suffering to your sisters, brothers, and lovers, and you will not be able to concentrate on your work.

With a sense of gratitude, you will have a clear consciousness and mind, you will not ask for too much, you will not keep your eyes on other people's shortcomings, you will not loaf around without anything to do and without anything on mind, you will not attempt to control and usurp others, you will not attempt to impose your own will upon others, you will not restrict others' joy, happiness, blessing and freedom, you will not have jealousy, complaint, and comparison, you will not lose temper and have a lot of discontent and grievances, you will not feel that others are bullying and restraining you, and you will not be disheartened and listless when you meet some setbacks.

With a sense of gratitude, you will bring joy and pleasure to others and yourself, you will not feel the poverty and hardship of life, you will not feel depression, you will feel everything is wonderful and satisfying, you will be broad-minded and refreshed, you will have unselfish love and devotion, you will always compliment and encourage others instead of finding fault and complaining to others, you will be forgiving and tolerant to others mistake and faults, you will form harmonious, amiable and loving relationship with the environment and people, and you will have great enthusiasm and passion and devote completely to the cause of man's happiness.

Before we realize our ideals, we should always keep in mind that none of us is perfect and we all need further sublimation, and that we should not stop at where we were yesterday. Since neither we ourselves nor others are perfect, we should forgive and tolerate each other, while tolerance derives from the gratitude in our soul.

The sense of gratitude in every Chanyuan celestial should be a cultural characteristic of the Second Home. As long as we have a sense of gratitude, there will be no mountain of flame that we cannot climb across, there will be no difficulty that we cannot overcome, and there will be no temporary plight that we cannot put up with, because the sense of gratitude can reach heaven and earth and human nature. As long as we have the sense of gratitude, we will get the love from Buddha and the Greatest Creator, and we can get out of the temporary plight and change for the better.

Be always grateful over everything and eventually you will reach your ideal destination!
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