Believe in and Rely on the Home

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—the Culture Building of the Second Home(now New Oasis for Life) Part Five


"At home we rely on our parents, in the society we depend on our friends", this is one part of the traditional culture.

To survive and develop in the actual human society, people mainly depend on interpersonal relations--parents, husband, wife, children, sisters and brothers, relatives and friends, classmates and associates, leaders and subordinates, and so on. As a result, the relations between people become extremely complicated and entangled. If anything adverse happens to the relation that you depend on, it may trigger a series of interpersonal disputes and emotional turmoil--concessions, resignation to exploitation, suppression and depression, oppression and exploitation, jealousy and complaint, resentment, intrigue against each other, scheming against each other, contention, flattery, cheating, rising to bate, anger and revenge, abuse and maltreatment, mental torture, control of the soul, and the like. Once you change and place your trust on the second home, all these ugly phenomena will disperse like dark clouds.

Every Chanyuan celestial's food, clothing, shelter, transportation, living, health and diseases are taken care of by the home, the elderly people are supported by the home, the children are raised and educated by the home, and the freedom of emotional love and sex love is guaranteed by the home. The home provides the stage for every chanyuan celestial to fully exhibit their ambition and talent. Thus, we can surely shift from our dependence on interpersonal relations in the traditional culture to the dependence on the home. Accordingly interpersonal relations will become pure and simple, natural and harmonious. People will live in happiness and love.

We should build our belief in and dependence on the Greatest Creator, the home and ourselves. We should not believe in and depend on man. Belief in and dependence on man will lead to tragedy of life, and a series of bewilderment and pain. Belief in and dependence on man will prove to be our own and others’ encumbrance and spiritual burden, belief in and dependence on man will surely make one become the servant and sacrifice of others and make it impossible to lead a life of one's own.

How do we believe in and depend on the home?

We shall regard the home as the place where we can settle down and lead a quiet life, as the stage where we can fully utilize our talents, as the best environment where we can obtain joy, happiness, freedom and blessing, and as the fertile soil where we can bring into full play our sincerity, kindnesses, virtue, love, faith, and honesty. We shall regard each Chanyuan celestial as our sisters, brother, relative and lover.

Love the home, unselfishly devote one’s talent and wisdom to the home, carefully and conscientiously do every job that one has chosen in the home according to one's interest and hobbies, strive to do his or her best and achieve the best performance, contribute every day to the home more than one gets from it, meanwhile continuously sublimate the quality of LIFE, perfect his or her own non material structure of LIFE, continuously make way to the highest realm of life and LIFE, and realize one' long-cherished wish and ideal.

How can we believe in and depend on the home?

Upholding"800 Values for New Era Human Being" is the fundamental guarantee for the realization of the wish of the individual and the ideal of the home.
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