Paradise Management: Replace Management with Service

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Paradise Management has very rich connotations. It is simple because it does not manage anything, it is at the same time complicate because it is the highest form of management, which makes everything operate in a methodical and orderly manner.

In Paradise Management, management is replaced with service. The host is actually the servant and the management is actually the service. No administrative orders will be employed, no force will be used. Submission shall not be obtained via threats, lure by promises of gains, intimidation, or suppression. It is forbidden to impose one's own will upon others to make them painful or unhappy. It is forbidden to make anyone feel any sense of inequality between people.

The Greatest Creator manages the whole universe by Paradise Management. "All things take their rise, but he does not turn away from them; Makes them grow, develops them, It gives them birth and does not own them, Acts (helps) and does not appropriate them, Is superior, and does not control them, Accomplishes, but claims no credit." "Water benefits all things,And does not compete with them. It dwells in (the lowly) places that all disdain" ,"But (of the best) when their task is accomplished, their work done, The people all remark, "We have done it ourselves" , " A good runner leaves no track. A good speech leaves no flaws for attack. A good reckoner makes use of no counters. A well-shut door makes use of no bolts, And yet cannot be opened. A well-tied knot makes use of no rope, And yet cannot be untied”, "Of the best rulers , The people (only) know that they exist; The next best they love and praise; The next they fear; And the next they revile. "

What Paradise Management employs is affinity instead of deterrence, happy play and games instead of a serious appearance, naturalness instead of resort to force; this method of management offers happiness and freedom, instead of suffering and bondage. It exerts its influence subtly, and does not resort to rainstorm-like power. It teaches with wordless example, it enlightens spiritual wisdom and perception, and makes people fully exhibit their sincerity, kindness, beauty, love, faith, honesty, simplicity, and character. It does not resort to endless preaching and cheating, and it does not arouse people's selfishness and greed.

It is difficult to give a full and clear definition of Paradise Management, which can be easily understood but is difficult to explain in words. But one thing is certain, and this is service. Mobilize initiative with love, move with real emotion, and make people move toward perfection with sincere service. All looks so natural, without any "track" of force and suppression.

Of course, when faced with disproportion and radicalism, Paradise Management will "Stop its apertures, and dull its edges"(from Lao Tzu Tao Te Ching).

Nov. 4, 2010
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