The the Second Home(now New Oasis for Life), How can I Repay You?

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In the Second Home,I have had the most wonderful chapter of life and bring. People can live in your embrace and feel no regret.

But how can I repay you-the Second Home? If I can not repay you, then I will be an ungrateful black sheep, and a lazy parasite.

the Second Home! Can I be permitted to repay you in the following eight aspects?

1、Every day I will get up early in the morning and finish my work conscientiously, with or without management and supervision. I will willingly and voluntarily set my mind on work, and do it well.

2、Every day, I will greet every sister, brother, relative and lover with sunny smiles, I will never spoil other people's good mood with my negative, passive and pessimistic feelings. I will bring happiness and joy to every sister and brother that I meet with my smiles, kindness and diligence.

3、Every day I will keep the home clean and tidy,I will never litter,I will never defile any corner of the home, including the bedroom, dining room, table, washing basin, bath, courtyard, path, toilet and any other tool that I have used.

4、I will never complain to my sister and brother about my grief and distress, never dump the spiritual garbage to them, never talk anything evil about my sister and brother behind their backs, never fabricate and spread disputes, never find fault with anyone, and never blame or reproach anyone.

5、I will never waste any materials and articles in the home, even a piece of tissue paper. I will never be sumptuous in using the resources of the home, never appropriate any materials. I will treasure and show care for any utensil that I have used, and never cause damage to them.

6、I will be a well educated and civilized person,I will never beach the law of the state, and never involve myself in any criminal activities. What I say should be an honest and heart felt expression of sincerity, kindness, virtue, love, faith and honesty, my action will never cause harm to anyone, to the society and to nature.

7、Every day I will cherish everything in the Second Home, and cherish the life that has not been easy to come by. I will be grateful to Buddha and the Greatest Creator for everything, to the home. If the home is in need of my service, I will devote everything, including my life, to the home, even if I have to climb the mountain of bayonets and cross the sea of fire.

8、 Every day, I will perfect my soul in everything I choose to do, and eliminate the weeds in the garden of my soul, such as jealousy, complaint, comparison, anger, fury, censure, resentment, selfishness, greed, arrogance, laziness, passivity, pessimism, gossip, vulgar, shallowness, and barbarity. I will make myself a beautiful scenic spot in the home, and make my self a matter of pride for the home. Let the home be more splendid because of me, let every sister, brother, relative and lover be joyful and happy because of my existence.

The the Second Home! I find it difficult to express my love and gratitude for you in words. No matter what happens,I will devote myself heart and soul to you,I will put all my heart to build you, protect you, and perfect you. I will devote everything of mine to you, including time, energy, intelligence, strength and material power. I am more than ready to contribute everything to you.

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