Acknowledge your colleagues for good work they do!

本文发表在 rolia.net 枫下论坛I have recently put forward an award nomination for my boss and one colleague for the great work they do. I woud like to share some information as follows.

The purpose of the nomination not only lies in acknowledging people, but also

1. Acknowledge achievements. People always need acknowledgment in ways big or small.
2. Voice a fair and strong opinion of what you (as a staff member) think are the good working pracitce in managing or working with people.
3. Play an assertive role in forming HR culture in your organization. Things may not change in a day/month/year, but you can excercise your influence at all levels.

Here is an example of a nomination for your reference. Names of individual and organization have been excluded. I would also like to have your input if possible.

Nomination for Award Type: Valuing People

Description of Achievement

Mr. @@@ works as a Senior Manager on the @@@ Team , @@@ Division, Ministry of @@@, supporting our Director’s leadership. @@@ is always concerned for the well being and personal growth of colleagues, and is a pillar in supporting a friendly and professional work environment. This encourages competency, confidence and care for the work we do and people we serve.

@@@ has always helped others to develop and achieve their full potential. He encourages staff to utilize OPS and OIAD training opportunities fully. He foresees each staff member’s development needs based on his sound knowledge of staff’s skills inventory and planned engagements. @@@ is always approachable and responds to training requests in timely fashion. @@@ supports staff in utilizing cost-free sunrise seminars hosted by industry and other professional bodies on topics closely related to the @@@ sector.

@@@ is a great role model and an effective coach and mentor to colleagues at @@@. Work discussions with @@@ are always efficient and succinct, resulting in effective solutions. Work delegated from @@@ reflects his contribution to the workload and clear guidance for remaining tasks, and promotes a focus on the @@@’s strategic priorities. Clients and peer audit teams have commented on his passion for work and impressive problem-solving skills. Attending a work meeting with @@@ is a good learning opportunity for staff striving for excellence in client service.

@@@ never hesitates to acknowledge the efforts of others. He knows each staff member’s strengths well and strategically combines team strengths to achieve the team’s goals. Staff members highly value his constructive and focused performance feedback as well as his promotion of suitable and valuable training opportunities.

@@@ promotes high standards in @@@ and @@@ service. @@@ emphasizes timely follow-up, effective communication and helpful and proactive client service. His work accomplishments, interaction with staff and clients, and timely supervisory reviews exemplifies these high standards on a daily basis.

@@@ treats people with dignity and respect. While he emphasizes quality and timely completion of work, he provides ample flexibility and supports staff in achieving work life balance. @@@ uses his good sense of humour and passion for work to connect people around him. Staff love to join @@@ for lunch on Fridays where conversations are always pleasant, inspiring and team-building. Recently, @@@ needed to address a difficult yet isolated staff issue. He acted on @@@’s diversity principles and engaged conversations with and provided assistance to the staff with respect and understanding of the situation. The team become more closely connected and supportive of one another afterwards.

Describe what made this outstanding

@@@ plays a key role in developing a professional service team and creating a supportive, positive and healthy work environment. He values each staff member’s talents and strengths, takes pride in supporting his team, treats staff with respect and dignity, and warmly connects with everybody. He keeps us learning and engaged on a mission to serve our stakeholders well.

Our @@@ team has a very high morale and we are dedicated to our work. We enjoy working with @@@. His visionary leadership makes our job easier. His diligent support of our Director sets a good example for team work. We owe a lot to @@@’s coaching and support in professional development. We enjoy the highly dynamic vibe in @@@’s office. By valuing people, @@@ has been a significant influence in all these results.更多精彩文章及讨论,请光临枫下论坛 rolia.net
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  • Acknowledge your colleagues for good work they do! Acknowledge your colleagues for good work they do!
    • 你可真能整。佩服!
    • Thanks for sharing...收藏.I am going to do this for my boss probably next year.
    • 谢谢分享.大侠,请问谁负责你们组的Minutes, 都望穿秋水了. :P
    • well, i also organize technology presentation series in the company this year, and now i am asking all the colleagues to nominate the three best presentations. haha. it is fun