towards my direction; now just hold; anything, see my post inside;
if you dare; Category: Finance: Low Risk(C , BAC, ING, RF), High Risk( FRE, FNM, ABK, MBI, AIG) Real Estates: Low (LEN, PHM, DHI, KBH) High (BZH , BEE, MPG) R.E.I.T (Real Estate Investemnt Trust): Low(PEI, DDR, MAC) Commodity: Low( AA, CENX, AWC, X ) will have at least 50% from now to up with those marked as low risk; and for those High Risk I marked , can get at least 100% but on your own; just reminding that I hold pretty much each every of above ones , but you are on your own; people may have differnt idea and buy/sell method; make your investment money separately on different stocks will for sure reduce the best profit possible, but for sure reduce your risk as well; I split them not only on sections but even within the same section I split; I may lose money if 1 or 2 of them fail, but I will for sure get pay-back for long run; Now (may past a little bit since 9 Mar, 2009) will be the kind of investiment opportunity will not be see in your whole life; Do you see C ever down below $5 since you born? so, why hesitate to hold? just my own 2 cents; I will keep post when I sense that I should clear my positions; -samqyang(Kingkong) 2009-8-24