I believes that in stock market only god can catch the absolute bottom; I only can catch relative low; and just my 2 cents and wish each ever of you can grab this historical chance;
I still have C got at 1.5$ and BAC got around 6$ and ING around 4$, BCS around 5$ , FRE at 76 cents and none of them at absolute bottom ; let me hold another 3 years then will talk with you again; And besides, before this March, you are right about C; it might go bankrupt, but from now on; you can’t be right anymore, it will be impossible for C to go down; Let's just wait and see the final result in next 3 years; stock market is running under the psychological influence of numerous individuals let you and me; if you know people then you will know the market; Regardless what we do now, you don’t have too many opportunities like now that you can get so many good things at this unbelievable cheap price; That’s the only thing I know and I want to take this once or twice per life time chances; -samqyang(Kingkong) 2009-8-24