just my 2 cents;

samqyang (Kingkong)
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for long run,
C is the best in your 3 so far though short term may under water;
JNJ will be very stable and not so much up space left;
HNU may suck though agree with you that gas just too cheap; but HNU never follow the double gas price bull as it claims for;

if I have to make a conclusion as per today; just my own 2 cents;
C will be the best from long run; JNJ second though may not pay back you too much on the stock price but won't make you lost too much either;

HNU , I will never tough it; though I knew gas should up eventiually; HNU just sucks, you are on your own on this; Don't touch any of H** series (e.g. HOU/HOD HNU/HND HFU/HFD etc) unless you are an expert level day-trader; it's not an investment utility for sure;

again, just my personal 2 cents;
I probably would sell 1000 C and instead by 300 ING at per current market price around ~14 , in case C seriously gone wrong; why put everything in one basket when they are tons of baskets can pick;

I probably would sell 100 JNJ and hold 150 BA (~47$, The Boeing Company) due to the only 2 players in this world (Air bus) on big commercial air-liners, and I don't think any company can replace them in next 10 years; due to JNJ 5 year peak is ~70 and now it's ~61 but BA peak is ~100 and now it's ~47 , I believe you know my point; I just didn't like the potentials of JNJ compare to BA and plus considering the market power and share;

I never touch HNU due to you can see that there are so many people on this site say HNU sucks, then I believe that it really sucks;
in almost 1 year it down from ~100 $ to today's ~3 whereas the same period the gas only down 3 times most; 100/3 ~= 33 / 3 ~= 10 ; I am scared of even think of hold it; why it go down 10 times than it claims double that should be 6 most (if gas down 3 times); it's a money suck machine, worse than buying 649 lottery ticket; don't touch H**s, most of them are down way fast than going up; ideal for short but not for long

have you ever think of those US R.E.I.T (Real Estate Investment Trust) stocks
e.g. PEI, DDR, MAC or those US top new home builders e.g LEN, PHM, DHI, KBH
any of them can give you at least double pay back if you can hold them less than 2 years

above just my own truly 2 cents, but limited on my shortsighted thinking;
please make your mind yourself;
And if you are a day-trader or very short term trader, you are on your own;
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2009-8-25 -04:00
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