Do you mean ETF? or index funds, check the expense on index funds still higher than ETF. So it looks the etf is the final solution.

redhair (kkk)
When looking for an Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) that indexes Canadian equities, the two most suitable choices are from iShares.

The iShares CDN LargeCap 60 Index Fund (XIU) tracks the S&P/TSX 60 Index. This index is composed of S&P’s selection of 60 of the largest, most liquid stocks on the TSX. The Management Expense Ratio (MER) on this ETF is a very low 0.17%.

The iShares CDN Composite Index Fund (XIC) tracks the S&P/TSX Capped Composite Index. This index includes over 200 companies listed on the TSX. It’s MER is 0.25%.

I believe XIC is worth the extra 0.08% MER as is provides much more diversification, including some exposure to small cap stocks. Ultimately, either of these ETFs will provide a better return than the majority of actively managed funds, which are dragged down by higher MERs.

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2009-8-25 -04:00
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