if you mean 长期投资 as hold 1 or 2 years or even longer; my own 2 cents, something you may hold and gain;

samqyang (Kingkong)
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1) BA (the Boeing Company), now around 50$; peak in last 5 years >100 , and you will see it above 80 at least once in next 2 years;
I like it due to it's industry uniquness; only 2 (another one is Air bus) in this whole world can make commercial airliners; and no foresee company from any country can compete with them in next 10 years;

2) BAC (bank of america) Now is 18$ , soon you will see it above 20$; you will see it above 30 in 1 years, 40 in 2 years and 50 at least in 3 years;
in finicial crsis, usually the final big winner are those guys who eat other companyes alive;
BAC is 3 in 1 (Bank Of America, CountryWide, Merril Lynnch) , and any of them is a giant even before merge; I see great potentials of this BAC; I prefer hold it better than C (~5$); due to C got nothing from this crsis and now is 4 times common share;

ING (ING direct) double it's current price (now is ~15$) in next 2 years should not be a big deal;

3) US Real Estate

PLD, PEI, DDR (under R.E.I.T (real estate Investment trust))
LEN, PHM, DHI (BIG US New Home Builder)

4) Nature Gas

wait until this UNG back from it's down track; then hold it for 6 month or quit when it go up 75% from it's low price ; I see a big chance there during this winter;

I see great potentials in US real estate, they will be up and hot in next N Years (N > 5)
But, I am not so sure that now is the good timing for long time investment get in point;
after all, market already up 5 Months continuesly; should wait when it pull back and then get in;

but this is on your own judgement;

anyway, above just my own personal opinion; please act on your best interest and decision;
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2009-8-30 -04:00
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