don't worry; though market already up 6 months, but it's still just pass the historical bottom; you won't lose money even it has a small pull back (as long as you hold it); Long term wise, 100% market will go to an huge bull in next few years;

samqyang (Kingkong)
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before 9 Mar 09, you can get a City 50 $ to 1$ (that is 98% lose in 2 years if hold it)
and afer 9 Mar, 09 to today 7 Sep, 09; though up 6 months;

but you still have (50-4.70)/50 ~ 90% chance of winning (4.70 is ~ city's current price);
don't worry, 3 years later, you will look back and laugh at yourself; why you need to worry when everything is that cheap;

Hold it; some of the stock will give you 1000% return in next few years; and you are at the time that possiblity is way higher than any of other time;

The US stock market has only below 2 options:

1) short term pull back (1-6 months) then long term bull (24-48 months)
2) no pull back and continuesly up untill everybody realize it and go nuts again (that mean a long Bull market arleady pass the bottom)

either way, as long as you are patient, don't think you will lose in long term;

my logic is very simple, though lots of the stocks already up 4 or even more times of there historical low; ( e.g. C up from 97cents to 4.7 last friday, ~ 5 times, BAC from 2.53 to ~18 ~ 6 times; )
So what, most of the stocks are still at 1/5 or 1/10 of there peak prices;

It's just not the time to worry; people should worry about that they may miss this historical party more than they worry about that what they are holding now;

simple words, holding something is still better than nothing from long run, that's for sure;
I still have BAC, ING, BA and will hold it in next years to come;

<DISCLAIM: just my own opinion, please make your mind yourself>
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2009-9-7 -04:00
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