Yeah, still have BAC, ING, BA ; you can see that from my other post (also have PLD, PEI, those R.E.I.T stocks, I see huge potentials on US Real Estate) but I cleared my FRE, FNM, ABK, AIG though still have very limited amount of ETFC

samqyang (Kingkong)
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eventiually, the inflations that casued by these many countries printing these huge amount of money (they all call it stimulations paln) will pretty much lead everything on price figure wise go up creasy; (recently the Gold price move up again is a sign)

stock market will hardly to pull back, due to next step if inflations appears on the stage, everything will go up; then the only thing US gov can do is to hike interest rate, then stock go up creasy together with Oil, commodity, housing, everything you can put a price tag and sell to people;

I see US Federal Reserve do no better than the Greenspan's ere, back to low interest again and maintain it for a long while; produce the blooming bubble again and burst again ;

we will see that in next few years; stock market will finally go above 14500 points (Dow) and S&P back about 1400 easily;

but that's fine, at least people will agree that O8Ma is a very successful president, like clinton that make US economy go upper trends for that many years;

so, I don't worry my long at all; I only worry that I may miss and can't filter out the right stocks to hold and make 1000% in next few years;

I believe that you agree with me, from any charts you can see that US stock market is at 20 years low; once per life opportunity;
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2009-9-7 -04:00
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