forget pull back; how about below stocks; from what I can see all can go up at least 5 times in next 3 years;
Below may go up to 10 times in next few years (very high risk, may wipe off due to bankcrupt) : ABK, ETFC, AIG, FRE, FNM, BEE, MPG, DPTR below may go up to > 5 times in next few years: (high risk) PLD, PEI, DDR (group R.E.I.T) C NG, HL (Gold, mineing) NCS (building material) YRCW (trucking service) LCC(AirLine) BZH, HOV(real estate) PMI, MBI, RF (Finance) below may go up to > 3 times in next few years (middle risk): AA, CENX, X (group commodity) PHM, LEN, KBH, DHI BAC, ING below may go up to > 2 times (very low risk) BA, MS, WFC, AXP, yahoo, or any one in index of S&P, or Dow 30 index please feel free to share your good stocks; just too many good stocks there; this and next year will be the easist year in your life to find a stock that can grow 10 times in 3 years; wish you all the best, don't miss it; -samqyang(Kingkong) 2009-9-10