just checking; do you dare to hold the rest for a little bit long time; it may double your 2.95 in next 3 to 6 months or sooner;

samqyang (Kingkong)
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I found out that quite a few folks in this forum believe that they can beat the market by in and out frequently; but actually nobody (somebody may, but very seldom) can beat BAC from 2.53 (worse at march, 09) to today (11 Sep, 09) around 17$, easily 5 times;

3 years later, when we look back, we probably just regret one thing;
Damn, why I just didnt buy something good at Sep, 2009 and hold it;

so many stocks are at their historical floor price;

just my own 2 cents, make mind your own;
I see your VRO should be ~8$ in 12 or 18 months of time;

I now holding more than 20 different stocks in that many industry (commodity, Oil, metal, finance, shipping, real-estate), I am going to wait for 2 to 3 years, and collect average 5 times of profit; if you ask me why I am that sure, I can't give your proof now; let wait and see;

but my idea is very simple
#1 100 year crsis is the pain for whole generation; and it will be a 100 year opportunity and blessing for whoever really do investing from now on in next few years;
#2 City (C) can go down from it's high 50 to 97Cents, why it can not go back up from 97 cents to above 10$, 20$ ? ( I mean so many good stocks are at their last 5 years 10% to 15% price, if they survive this crsis, they will go back)
so my third simple idea is to split my invest to top 5 players in their section; to ensure even if 1 or 2 fail, the rest will pay me back everything;

some samples are: DPTR, DRYS, NCS, YRCW, PLD, DDR, PEI, BZH, PMI, MBI, CENX, AA, UNG (never touch HNU.TO, it doesn't follow natural gas price) , LCC
I am looking at 300% to 500% in next few years of those guys;
if you think there risk are too high for you to hold then below can give 100% in next 2 to 3 years

anyway, just my own 2 cents; due to I laughed myself so many times due to at March I bought C at 1.12 and sold it at 1.48 and after that never dare to chase in due to don't know where is the low of it again;
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