BTW, when the fact the fundamentals are all there, then it will be too late; the stock market is all about who can accurately/or you call it luckly foresee the future; clost to it, I will gain, far off it, I will lose;
for example; will you buy c or BAC and hold it today if we allow you back to 9th Mar, 2009? the answer is yes, but why seldom people can achieve this? very simple, at 9th, Mar, 2009; MM, Wall street, almost everything (media, news, .... ) try to convince us that BAC and C will go bankcrupt; but it not; did we realize that? no, most of us not; due to we so trustul to those so called (analyst, news, media, etc) I saw quite a lot of people still empty and holding nothing afer March; and hoping the market will go down sharply to prove that they are right on the technical pull-back they are expecting; and so what, the market for sure will eventiually pull-back to let them think they are right; but you already lost and fooled again by MM if you don't even doubled your money in last 6 months so far stright up (so many stocks go up more than 5 times already, even C get 4 times over) ; If you can't make money when market is up, most likely you will lose when market is down again; that's why I say the only thing so far MM need to do is to convince people that everything just too expensive to hold; they are doing this now; they will finally recommend you to buy; but usually when stocks back almost to their high again; and you will realize it and sorry, too late; all the best; -samqyang(Kingkong) 2009-9-13